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fading kitten?

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I have 2 kittens who belong to my developmentally disabled clients. Their cat had 6 and ate 2 and smothered 2 they are 11 days old. I took the last two in hopes of saving them. At first the calico did well and took to the bottle quickly, but the tabby didn't fare as well and I couldn't get her to poop. Then it finally pooped and now the calico isn't taking the bottle...but a few drops at a time and seems weak though the tabby is doing fine. What is up with the calico? I keep them under a brooding lamp with a towel over the top of their little bed to shield them from the light. So I know they are not cold. Anyway,
I hate to see them die they have had such a horrid start in life.
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im sorry i really dont know what to suggest on this one. but i just wanted to wish you luck with this and thank you for trying to help them.
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Does she pee and poop? Is she breathing ok? If she had the slightest amount of milk in her lungs she might have pnemonia. There is good antibiotics to give also to small kittens.

Which milk are you giving them? Is it a special breast milk replacements for cats?
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What are you feeding them. Most cats are lactose intolerant and should not be given cows milk. Get them kitten milk or goat's milk. They should be bottle fed at least every 3-4 hours or whenever they are hungry in between those times. They need to be kept warm - you can use a rice heater, i.e., fill a sock with rice, heat it in the microwave and put it in their beds, but make sure you don't have it so hot it burns them.
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www.kitten-rescue.com will help you. Plus you should take the kittens to the vet if your vet is skilled with newborn care. Moms generally kill a litter when they know the kittens are not right. Kittens from these type of litters need round-the-clock care and diligence from their caregiver.
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