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Strange bottom shuffle

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Hi all,
I posted yesterday re my cats ongoing saga with nose cancer. Today I just got up for work and fed him. He then used his tray, came running out very fast and dragged himself across the floor sitting up on his bottom. I suspected worms even though he is regulary treated, went to check the tray and he has only urinated. A couple of trails were visable on the floor. Anybody have any ideas about this behaviour.
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It could be worms, full anal glands that he's trying to express, or he could have either diarrhea or constipation. Though it may be gross, I'd check to see what was left in the litterbox to see if that give you any clues.
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I checked his box after suspecting worms. He had only urinated but shortly after his weird bottom dance he went in and had a normal bowel movement with apparent ease. No obvious signs of worms. He has been confined to the house since being run over in Oct 2006 and seems to have been parasite free since then with regular treatment. Poor fellow has really been through it lately and I hope he hasn't got a burning uretha. If the next urination results in strange behaviour he will need to visit the vet again.
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Sorry your cats having such a tough time of it.

Kitty gets constipated and he will go to the tray and not produce anything then get out, do the bum shuffle and usually poo somewhere else

I would think as he passed a stool soon after thats what it was but it wont hurt to speak with your vet if it happens again.
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Could he possibly have a urinary tract infection? Maybe it burned when he used the litter box and he was "scooting" trying to relieve the pain? Especially if he ran from the box....just an idea..
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I have a cat that will occasionally dart out of the box, running very fast and then stop to scoot like you described. In his case, this happens when he has a slightly soft stool. "Full" anal glands can be the consquence of a soft stool, so the 2 can go hand in hand.

The other likely possibility is worms, like the others said.

I use clumping litter, so sometimes what looks like a urine clump can be diarrhea, because it clumps almost as well as urine does. Either way, the evidence in the box is a good clue, like Cloud_Shade said.
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