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can cats eat boiled egg or any other form of egg?

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Not sure about this. I thought it would be alright being a similar sort of thing to milk and meat.
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I am not sure what the medical view on this is but i'm almost sure the vet has suggested lightly scrambled egg before for my cat when hes been off his food or after an op. He has definately eating egg with no ill effect(hes 21) but not on a regular basis.
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I dont feed my cat eggs but i did know someone who would mix the yolk of an egg with milk as a treat once a week for their cats. That person told me that raw egg white isnt good for cats.
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When Spot wasn't eating his cat food, I would try anything to get him to eat, and putting scrambled eggs on his food often helped. He really enjoyed them. I haven't tried boiled eggs with any of them, and I wouldn't feed it as a meal, but as a treat or an occasional topping it should be fine.
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Raw egg white is difficult to digest, but otherwise egg is fine. Egg yolk is rich in protein, and plain scrambled egg as an occassional snack is perfectly ok. Whenever we have eggs we have some begging going on, Nate always manages to spill some yolk and Radar sits underneath waiting patiently for the inevitable

I am fairly certain that in nature cats would quite happily raid bird nests for either chicks or eggs.
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Eggs are OK, my cats kinda like them, especially the yolks.

Sometimes you are advised not to feed egg whites because they contain avidin, and avidin presents absorption of biotin. But.... if you feed the white and yolk of an egg together, there is more biotin in the yolk than the avidin in the white can bind, so the result is still extra biotin for your cat.
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maybe i could eat the boiled egg white myself and give the boiled yolk to my cat?
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Originally Posted by smoky View Post
maybe i could eat the boiled egg white myself and give the boiled yolk to my cat?
Nothing wrong with sharing as long as the food is ok for kitties. I share with mine, they don't like the egg whites anyways so they get a couple of bites of yolk whenever I have hard boiled eggs. Of course they have competition, my baby turtles love boiled yolks too.
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I feed mine raw egg yolk about once a week, just a little mixed with their raw meat. I believe cooking it destroys some of the biotin but its still going to be good for them to have boiled yolk.
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We give our med haired cat one raw egg every other week or so. It's really good for their coat and the real protien is good for them. Our vet said this was perfectly fine to do as long as we didn't give too many eggs to him or too often.
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Jamie loves hardboiled eggs so much that he'll even steal them and crack open the shells. I slice one up and give it to him occasionally as a treat. He much prefers the yolk, but will eat the egg white, too. One former cat loved scrambled eggs, which he got a few times a week. That couldn't have hurt him, because he lived to 23.
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This is good to know, as I am always a little unsure of what is alright to give to Gillan to vary his diet.

Thanks guys!
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Dino loves eggs.............any form will do him....but then he's a greedy goat but only as a treat now and then
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I agree with everyone else that eggs aren't harmful to cats. However, if your cat is on a protein restricted diet due to renal failure, I would limit the amount and frequency, because eggs are practically pure protein (although, I believe they are a very good digestable protein source even with CRF.) According to the USDA website, one whole, raw, grade A large egg contains 6.27 grams of protein and 96 mg of phosphorus.
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Eggs are fine - I don't believe in raw eggs - but one time an egg broke on the floor and we let the dog have it; however, I would not do this on a regular basis - any kind of cooked eggs are fine.

The dog and cats get leftover scrambled eggs a lot. It does help their coats
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I put the egg yolk on the ground for my cat and she smelt it and didnt like it.
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What I usually do for eggs is.. I boil them for about 4-5 cooks the white, and from what I've read, cooking an egg for over one minute kills any bacteria (samonella?) in it, so .. then we just break it open and scoop out the yolk, which is partially cooked. Ours love yolk, especially mixed into their raw.. but sometimes we'll just give them a yolk or two cause they're beggers.
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