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New Cat Tree - They Love It!

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To help balance all the negativity generated by the pet food crisis, I decided to get a new cat tree, this one very different fabric-wise from my other three. And the cats totally dig it!

And my absolute fav...
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awe look at those cuties It looks like they are having a blast on that new cat tree which looks great btw but awe thats so greast when ever they all play together or sleep together on the tree they are all such cuties too
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Yep! They do love that tree, and who can blame them? It`s great!
I see there was a bit of a power struggle for the 'top bunk'
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Look at all those sweet babies they love it
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whoa !! that is just an amazing cat-tree - and they look like they absolutely adore it

The photos are great, beautiful kitties
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Wow! Great tree!
They really look like they are all enjoying it!
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What cute kitties... hey did the dog say I am feeling left out/??
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Is the tree bolted into the wall? That's an awesome one.
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Wow thats so cute! love the one of them sleeping. I just got mine a new tree and both of them love the top! Its funny to see them both squeezing on there at the same time. Great pictures
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wow that looks so cosy and soft , i lvoe the alst picture, where did you get it from?
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Wow what a cool cat tree. I'm not showing that to Bean, it'll put idea's into that little head of his. I have no space for a tree that big right now.
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I LOVE that tree. Where did you get it may I ask?? We are looking to replace our tree and that one is great!
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It's always nice when they like what you buy. I am always nervous about that!

They are so adorable!
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Where did you get it?
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Glad y'all liked the pics.

Sharky, Jasmine liked the cats when they were small, then not so much when they outgrew her (at a measly 5 pounds *laugh*). The cats love her to pieces, though, and are very persistent about being her friends. Eventually, she gives up and lets them love on her. *smile*

SSmith0385, the tree is not bolted into the wall, just pressed as close to it as possible. It's also set up on a table, which gives it an extra two or three feet in height.

Troublesome2, Berylayn, Fred&Nermal, I got it at a local Petco for $150. It's smaller and more expensive than my biggest cat tree, but the kitties clearly like it better, so it's totally worth it.

Jenny1124, yeah, me too. It's especially gratifying when the gift is an expensive one! I'm sooo happy every time they race up it or fight over a perch or curl up for a quick snooze.

Here's some more pics of them enjoying their new toy.

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That looks one super duper cat tree! Theo is on my lap looking at me in a rather jealous manner lol
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lol looks like they are having a ton fun on that tree!!!
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