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uhoh my mom needs a hysterectomy! Can anyone share any experiences?

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Ok so me and my mom went to the GYN today and well my mom thought she was goin to get this new procedure nova sure i think its called and well the gyn told her that wouldnt work, mind u our gyn hates doing hysterectimies sorry if i am spelling it wrong too, but she only does them if she absoluetly has too and well my mom is one that has to be done and they are doing it through her stomach, her uterus was last time at 10.5 so it was very enlarged! But now instead of taken a weekend off she has to take several weeks off! And well i will become her slave so to speak and i will have to take care of all the animals and do everything and then also go to work with her and help her there (housework) after 2 weeks! The doctor also thinks that their might be something more serious and everything like cancer but my mom said whats the point for a biopsy if shes gonna have it all removed and everything! Now has any one had any personal experience that wouldnt mind sharing, my mom wanted me to make the post actually to hear what others have been through and everything else with that! Now she is having everything taken out including her ovaries, so what will be doen then? My mom also isnt allowed to take advil two weeks prior to the surgery and of course because of my brothers wedding we had to put it on hold until the 23rd of may the doc wants to do it as soon as possible and well that was what we were able to do because she is trying to make some overtime now so she wont have to worry about bills or the pets! We went thinking she would need one thing that they had talked about but its now the full thing which was very unexpected to hear!
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I am sorry to hear that she has to have a full hysterectomy, but am glad she is having it done especially if she needs to have it done. Better to have it done and get better than to not have it done and have more complications or worse. My neighbor had everything removed after she had chemo for her breast cancer and started having issues and they thought it may be cancerous. She hasn't had any issues or ill reactions to it. That is about the extent of my knowledge with it, but I am sure some of the others will be in here after the morning to give you guys much more information and advice. We'll be thinking about her!
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Had mine at 32, with no complications and don't miss it a bit. Got me out of another 20 years of cramps and backaches.
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Oh gosh, I'm so sorry! I'll be sending up good thoughts for your mom.

I have no personal experience in this, thank goodness -- but because my parents are elderly, I've gone through a lot of surgeries with them. Let me just mention some things I think are important:

1. Don't delay a moment. Have the surgery as soon as the doctor can book it, because with possible cancer, every day counts.

2. Don't let your mom work herself to a frazzle trying to make overtime before the surgery. She needs to be as strong and well-rested as she can be, to help prevent complications. She should also be sure to eat right between now and the surgery.

3. You said your mom is not allowed to take Advil for two weeks prior. I suspect that goes for aspirin, too, because it can thin the blood and cause excessive bleeding during and after surgery. You might want to clarify that with the doctor.

4. You said the surgery will be done through her stomach -- do you mean laparoscopic surgery, where they do the procedure through just a few tiny incisions around the abdomen? If so, your mom is likely to recover much more easily. I hope that's what it is.

5. Even people who are not religious often find comfort in spiritual counseling, a special blessing, or a little talisman of some kind when they're facing major surgery. You might think about whether your mom would appreciate something like that and arrange for it.

6. Two things that my mom really appreciates when she's in the hospital: First, a nice bedjacket to wear over those hopeless little hospital gowns. It keeps her warm and provides a touch of color and femininity. Second, a nice huggable stuffed animal. This is not only comforting, but practical -- she can use it to prop up a book if she wants to read, or to clutch if she needs to cough (which can be painful after surgery). Even my father, a retired Army officer, enjoyed having a stuffed critter with him in the hospital!

7. Because of the anesthetic and other medications she'll be given, your mom probably won't be fully alert for a day or two after her surgery. If I were you, I would stay right there with her until she is completely conscious and coherent. I say this because I have seen a lot of mistakes in hospitals, and I believe it's critical for a groggy patient to have a loved one on hand 24 hours a day to make sure he/she is taken care of.

Not to frighten you, but just to explain why I feel this is so important: when my mother had part of her colon removed (benign tumor), the doctor ordered for her the standard dose of morphine in a drip, to control the pain after surgery. But the standard dose was too much for my mom, and she nearly died from it. They had to give her shots and get her up and walk her around the room to bring her back from the brink.

And this happened at 1:00 in the morning, on a floor with no telemetry to alert anyone that she was in trouble. If my father and I had not been there to see that she was barely breathing and needed help, she wouldn't be with us today.

So please, stay with your mom until she's fully able to fend for herself.

8. When you go to check in for the surgery, take along three tote bags:

(a) In one bag, carry a complete list (with dosages) of any medications, vitamins, and supplements your mom may take, plus copies (not the originals, lest they get lost) of all your mom's paperwork, her ID, insurance cards, and any other papers or forms the hospital might want.

(b) In another bag, carry her bedjacket if she gets one, a robe, slippers, and a complete set of fresh clothes for when she goes home from the hospital.

(c) In the third bag, carry everything else she may want -- a good book to read, some lipstick and a small brush, her favorite handcream, that sort of thing.

9. If your mom has any special issues, like diabetes or drug allergies, you may want to make extra-sure that those are not forgotten. After one hospital fed my diabetic father meals full of sugar for three days, I started posting a big sign on the wall above his bed every time he goes in: "This is JOHN DOE. He is DIABETIC and has an allergy to PENICILLIN. Thank you!"

Yes, they have wristbands for that sort of thing, and it's on the patient's chart... but mistakes happen anyway, so I take an extra step to be sure.

10. While your mom's in the hospital, try to be present whenever the doctor comes in to check on her (which is usually early in the mornings), so you can carefully write down whatever she says -- especially instructions for her care at home. It's good to have a record of your own as to what she said.

Okay, that's ten, and I'd better quit. I hope this is helpful, rather than just... bulky.

One more thing: I dearly hope there won't be any malignancy -- but if there is, please have your mom call the American Cancer Society at 1-800-ACS-2345. The information and support they can provide are just astonishing.

My best friend works at their national call center, and he's been able to do a tremendous amount of good for thousands of people, from helping them get facts on which to base health decisions right on down to finding them support groups, transportation to appointments, free wigs to wear during chemotherapy... it's a wonderful resource.

But I surely hope your mom won't need it! Please give her my good wishes, and let us know how things go, okay?
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thanx for the replys, ya my mom is 45 and she is NOT having the laporoscopy, and well she isnt allowed asrpin but the doc did prescribe her something, they also said because of how large her utuerus is is one reason they arent doing the laporoscopy thing, and also because in case there is cancer and such they dont want to chance it because they will want to get it all out! Also thanks so much, i do know about cancer well colon cancer as my dad is a survivor from it! My pap also died from it! My dad is going on quite a few years over 5 i do know that much and he has had 2 major surgeries for it! And I am sure the doctor and me will have many talks once this takes place, after all im the crazy one she knows and well shes never met my dad lol! But we will all be there on the day of surgery! And well id stay there if i was able to trust these men with taken care of these pets but i dont But thanks for all those tips and info

Also i wanted to add htis my brother said between my mom and dad hes gonna be dead by the time hes 40 ! I was cracking up because well this is FEMALE issues, if anyones at more risk its me im waiting till tomarrow and imma see if he says anything about it to me! Hes not to bright, me and my mom were cracking up!

I will be sure to show this all to my mom tomarrow, she greatly appreciates everyones stories and experiences and advice !! And she of course is hopinh for some of those magical tcs vibes that everything goes ok! but i will make that post before the surgery!
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Hugs to your mom and you at this time.

I had a hysterectemy about 15 years ago - and actually it was the best thing I ever did - aside from the 3 ceasereans(?spelling) I had to give birth to my beautiful children.

I didn't have any major problems afterwards - just another big scar on my tummy. It took me about 6 - 8 weeks to be fully recovered and able to do everything I wanted to do.

So long as your mom does everything the Doctor says and does a little bit of light walking from early after the surgery she should be OK. Hopefully they won't find anything nasty and she will be fine again.

If you like she can PM me and chat at any time - I am in Australia so there will be a time difference.

I will keep you all in my prayers for good luck and a quick recovery.

Keep your chin up and be kind to yourself too.
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Another issue that your Mom will probably experience is a change of her body image. As women we identify strongly with our girly bits and for most women, losing them can be very difficult to deal with.

I don't think there are support groups for women who have had hysterectomies without having had cancer. However, even if she doesn't have cancer, she could benefit from such a support group because many cancer survivors are dealing with or have dealt with a hysterectomy. You can find such a group through your local Cancer Society.
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my mom has read the posts so far and says thank u to everyone

she is still a little weary on this whole thing

Also I have a ? for those that have gotten everything taken out, is she going to have to do hormone replacement thearapy and what is it? Thanks so far everyone for sharing any experiences and knowledge and please keep it coming!
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I don't have personal experience with this but my mom had a hysterectomy at age 45. She had 5 kids and many issues with her reproductive organs over the years so she was relieved more than anything else. She was sore and tender for a few weeks and then back to her old self, only without the pain.

She doesn't regret it at all .... probably because she already had kids and grandchildren by that age. She has not had any hormone replacement therapy to date, she will be 58 this year.

Sending hugs and vibes for your mom. Surgeries can be scary but I know she will come through it with flying colors
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My hysterectomy was the best thing that ever happened to me, besides getting my Harley-Davidon.

BUT - I still have my ovaries, so I can't help with the hormone questions.

Feel free to PM me if you want to!
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My boss had a total hysterectomy when I was in college. It relieved a lot of the problems she had but for a while afterward she had to adjust too. She was moody and pretty hard to please, but that went away after a few weeks. Not sure exactly what cause that for her though. Could have been just dealing with the 'loss' of her 'female' oragns, or the hormonal change from having her ovaries removed.
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I think you said your mom will not be losing her ovaries -- and I believe that means she won't need hormones. So that's good!

Reading over what I wrote last night, I want to apologize for being so longwinded... I get caught up like that.
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My mom has one when she was about 37 I think..No harm done there. I think its very common in women
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I don't have any information on them, but I wanted to let you know that I'll keep your mom in my prayers
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My mom has had one, sorry Im not much help sweetie. I will just pray that everything goes smoothly for your mom.

Many for you and your mom!!
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Originally Posted by CarolPetunia View Post
I think you said your mom will not be losing her ovaries -- and I believe that means she won't need hormones. So that's good!

Reading over what I wrote last night, I want to apologize for being so longwinded... I get caught up like that.
lol my mom is having hert ovaries taking out! They see no need for it since she has 3 grown kids and grandkids and if iy stays they are worried bout ovarian cancer coming and she will be at a higher risk so they are just going to remove the ovaries and hey i didnt mind and my mom didnt mind ! I understand too how someone can be so longwinded about situations like these so its no problem and i do greatly appreciate ur reply(s) and everything same with everyone else
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Lots of good advice here already.

My mom had hers done last year. It went fine and she's doing great. The only advice I have is for her to take it really really easy. My mom tried to get back to light activity too quickly and her recovery ended up being 2 months long. Definitely take it very slow doing anything that requires a lot of movement (even vacuuming) and NO lifting until the doctor says it's okay. Surgical scars take a lot of time to heal and abdominal muscles are particularly unforgiving.....taking the time to let it heal will actually make recovery faster and smoother!
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I had to have a total hysterectomy 6 years ago (ovaries and all) due to the fact that they thought I had overian cancer. Luckily it wasn't, but I have had no ill effect from my surgery and I chose not to take any hormones after and I still feel fine. I just increased my calcium intake to offset the osteoperosis that may occur without homone producion. Mine also was through my abdomen so I have a scar. I will take a good 3-5 weeks for her to really be up to 100 percent after surgery. She will just have to take it slow. My thoughts and prayers are with her..
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I was urged by my dr to have a full hysterectomy last year. I am 27 years old and still havent gone through with it. I have severe ovarian cyst AND I had had to have biopsys 3 times because of suspect cancer cells. I have severe cramps, have periods that last for 8-14 days at a time. I am a mother to 3 and have had a tubal already so its not due to wanting more children but just being scared of doing the whole thing ya know? My mom had a partial at age 29 and end up having to go back in to do a full within 5 years later. In my family just about every young adult female has to have it done and within 5 years have to go back and do the FULL.

So I KNOW I need it, will eventually HAVE to do it but Ive been too scared too. I just moved to a new state and havent had my exam yet but Im sure they will be telling me the same thing. So I understand what you mom is going through and how she is feeling. I too am worried about hormone therapy and changes etc. Please have her post afterward or post for her, her experience. It would really help me make my decision also. Thanks and I wish her the best! Hope everything goes well!
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Your family is certainly in my thoughts and prayers.
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I had a hysterectomy about twelve ears ago, and I don't regret having it. I had a football sized tumor (turned out to be benign) on my bladder which was making it verydifficult for me to go to the bathroom, which is probably more then you wanted to know, , but anyhoo, the hysterectomy made me feel a whole lot better, and I'm sure your Mom will feel better after hers too.
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