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Hello, Everyone.

I'm currently writing an article covering several common feline behaviors. If your cat (or cats) has an unusual or amusing twist on any of the following behaviors, please consider sharing the details with me.

1) the nighttime energy surges exhibited at (humans') bedtime (when your legs get pounced, your toes get bitten, etc.)

2) the ability to squeeze into tiny spaces (your child's size-4 shoebox, perhaps?)

3) the silly reaction(s) to catnip (and other more unusual scents, e.g., olives, etc.)

4) the bunny kick (Does your cat loathe your fuzzy slippers and save his greatest attack moves for them? Etc.)

So if your cat is quirky (and what cat isn't?), please PM me (preferably by Wed., April 18). I'd love to hear about (and possibly share) your stories.

Thank you,