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Wednesday's DT

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Good morning all! I think I am finally over my illness - yeah! I am busy at work today, but I will not let it interfere with my TCS time, I am doing too much here and they have been unappreciative lately so I am working to rule. Today I will get the job done, but not go out of my way to do extras like I normally do.

I have been very weepy lately. My doctor has put me on some hormone pills to try to get me pregnant and I am all hormonal now. People just look at me funny and I start sniffing and bubbling. This should be a fun next couple of months if the pills don't work - I'll drive my hubby crazy! He thinks I was hormanl before the pills.

I hope everyone has a great day.
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Glad to hear you feeling better now Ady!! And poor you, it must be like constant PMT!! (PMS) well, for me anyway - I always get ultra weepy!! Get some waterproof mascara!! :laughing: Hope it helps your wish come true

As for me, well, just another boring day at work, waiting to go home... Hopefulyl going for a drive tonight to get some more practise, and going to the bookshop where I have a special book waiting for me!! Yippee!! (special order)

Thats about it today.. how exciting!! haha!! Hope you all have a more intersting day than me!!
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PMS? Isn't that a sofa advert on UK TV?

'Buy now, pay Febuary at PMS, interest free credit for the first year!'

Glad you're feeling better
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PMS = Powerfully Mean Spirited, from Putting up with Men's S#!+.

Still, sunny and warm, today. Got some errands done, already. Going up to my parents' house, this afternoon. Gonna make Mom jealous, with my new boots!

Had a letter, from Katey. She's offered to babysit Ike, while we're in Vegas. That's great! He'll be able to spend that week with his littermates, mother and "grandma" instead of strangers at a kennel. I know that she won't take any money but, we'll take a bag of dog food.

Rowdy is really getting into sleeping with us. She didn't get up, with me, this morning. Opie is back to the LaZBoy. We let them sleep wherever they want to.

Have a good one!
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Well, Adrienne, considering your husband's part in making babies, and weighing it against yours, I think he's getting a good deal! I am saying a prayer for both of you. I tried for 15 months before my first pregnancy, and was seeing a specialist--- but the last two? One encounter! I'm glad you're feeling better. Try not to throw anything heavy. Sugar's good. Then you can take out your emotion on the vacuum cleaner.
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Oh - BuNN, commedian!

Don't you mean DFS???

Phew - are my ears ringing or what?

It's just past midnight so I suppose it's still a Wednesday DT (just about). I went to see a gig with Hugh Cornwell - of Stranglers fame. Talk about a wall of sound, I'm near on deaf!

It was actually quite sad. He did loads of all the old stuff, Peaches, No More Heroes Anymore, Hangin'Around, but the accoustics were so terrible. It was clear he wasn't enjoying the experience. It was in this pokey little nightclub with crap sound system and even crapper atmosphere. Poor Hugh was really giving it his all, and his band was really excellent but there was no soul and no spark.

I felt very sorry for him, but he was still very, very sexy.

Well, it's gone midnight so nitynite all.
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well, I was feeling ambitious today, so I reformatted my computer. Been working on that most of the day. And doing laundry. Had a bad headache all morning, so just kind of did nothing until the tylenol, asprin, and coffee kicked in. Now I'm trying to get Windows XP updated and all my programs reinstalled. What a pain. I made a cat pillow for my desk, in an effort to encourage them NOT to lay on my keyboard/mouse cord. So far, so good. I'm going to make another one for the other side of my desk tomorrow. Hopefully I can get my website updated with my newest pics (once I get all the stuff back onto my computer, that is)
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