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I vant to be alone...

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Who turned on the light?!?

And what the hairy heck do you want?!? Oh. Again? Take that thing and go away.

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Yep, you can tell exactly what she's thinking! She is gorgeous even when grumpy
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yep that is the go away before i eat you look
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Yep you are sure getting the evil eye, I know that look I get it at least 2-3 times a evening when I turn the bathroom light on. My cat Sassy likes to nap in the sink during the evening.
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Thanks! When we first got her (at about 6 months), we thought she was going to be medium haired- boy, were we wrong!

The evil eye is a common sight at our house, with 4 female cats all over the age of 7...

I almost didn't put the pics up- look at those dirty feet!
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awe look at that fluffy cutie and i can see exactly thats what he is saying but those are such cutie photos and o my hes such a cutie, so GORGEOUS
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'What the hairy heck'?
Haven`t heard that one before!

What a pretty girly though
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Aw what a beautiful fluffball!!
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aww someone needs a 'do not disturb' sign
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Thanks, she's a beautiful fuzzy mess this time of year (and so are my dark rugs!), but we love her anyways...

I don't know about the "do not disturb" sign ...that look sometimes is enough to burn right through us from the other side of the door! And that is a pic of the "nice" grumpy look... our (58 lb) dog won't go by her if she's sleeping in a doorway, and there's no 5 foot berth around her!
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Aww... what a pretty kitty ... and so grouchy too
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I was trimming her mats out today (by the way, someone in another thread suggested using a seam ripper to cut bad mats out, and that person is getting a gift tonight as soon as I find her user name- it worked great! ) and when she was done being fooled with, she gave me a look, and I was trying to decide whether to be amused or scared at the upside down cat with her paws over her head, and her mouth hanging open, ready to rip off the next hand that came near . I was really wishing my camera was sitting next to me, as I didn't dare get up!
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She's gorgeous!
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