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Should we install a cat flap?

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My husband and I just bought a new house that has an actual wooden back door that we could put a cat flap into! Is there any reason why we shouldn't? We would definitely get the kind that only she can go through (magnetic or infra-red??? Not sure about that...)

My mom thinks that Tabby will bring in other assorted vermin with her. She did bring a mole into the apartment once when I wasn't paying enough attention. I still don't know what happened to it :o

She loves going outside and we find it annoying to be constantly letting her in and out so a cat flap would be a great solution for all of us.
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The constant in-and-outing was precisely the reason we installed ours. That was about 15 years ago. We had to replace it two or three years ago, but it's great. We have the kind that has a catch with 4 different settings: Open both ways; In only; Out only; Closed both ways. It has a magnetic strip that holds it snug, until a cat applies the required pressure. We do not have trouble with other animals using it -- well, we had one neighbourhood cat use it once, but he was determined he was moving in. Fawn was equally determined that he wasn't, and sent him packing. He left his collar and a good chunk of fur at the bottom of the stairs. He gave up after that.

Works great for us.
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Just this week on Jeopardy one of the contestants had installed a cat door. Her cat would catch prey, bring it into the house live and release it, thereby the cat could catch it again and again. If you've ever seen a cat toy with a live mouse you know what I mean. Cat doors sure would save you that constant opening and closing, etc.
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Cat flaps are great, most people I know with cats have one. They are so convienient. Definately get one that allows only your kitty in or out as your kitty could get scared in own home if another cat wanders in and violates your kitties space. Cats do bring 'gifts' into the house, they are hunters and that is part of being a cat. Although I have to say that being of a somewhat squeamish disposition, its not always nice when something is proudly dropped onto your bed or flashed around the house with pride but thats part and parcel My kitty has a little bell on collar so as to warn any other animals of his presence, much to his disgust!! Good luck with it!
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oh yep - they make life so much easier, with cats comings and goings
I understand that you can get them programmed to your cats ID chip, so only your cat can come in - I think thats a brill idea

Its true they can bring things in, but for the most part they are dead well in my experience anyway.
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Hi Everyone,

Thanks so much for the replies! I'm sorry I haven't been back to check - it's one of those things I only remember to do when I'm not at the computer!

It looks like we'll give it a try based on your advice. Our cat isn't a particularly good hunter (she has caught some small rodents but doesn't seem to know how to killl them and has no interest in eating them).

Tabby does have a microchip so I'll have to check out the models that detect the chip.

Thanks again,
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I don't like them, simply cause I don't want my cats outside period. And I worry about what might come in.....lol I'd rather have supervision on a cat that goes outside - whether its an enclosure for them to sit in when in the yard, or harness/leash.

We will enclose our patio eventually and put some "shelves" around the edge for the cats to sit on and look out the screen - that's the closest they will ever be to outside
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