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Why didn't someone tell about Siamese jumping ability

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Why didn't someone tell about the amazing heights a Siamese can jump to. So the past few days I noticed some thing from the high shelf laying on the kitchen table or floor. Mind you the space between the shelf and ceiling is a matter of inches. Well just now I heard a thump and look what I see:

Just a few weeks ago he learned this trick:

And few month back he learned this trick:

Why was I not warned ahead of time? Looks like more and more I need a cat tree around these parts.
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Wow!!!! That furbaby sure does enjoy climbing!!! My torti-point, Jasmine is too fat really to jump too high She prefers to be on the couch watching Oprah and occupying a human's lap (She's been checked out by the vet, she came to us overweight when we adopted her so we're constantly struggling to watch her food/weight. We seem to be having a bit of luck with her new food "chicken soup for the cat lover's soul light - hairball formula-) Although my Siamese doesn't climb much, our little tiger tabbie, Abilene seems to take after your kitty and climb on, into , or on top of everything!!!!
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Maybe Bean is part siamese then, he's always climbing on top of things.
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hehe, that what cats like to do
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That is one handsome kitty you have there! What beautiful deep coloring!
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It has gotten much darker since he was a babe. When he was a babe his body was almost white, tabby markings on his legs and tail, and you could barely even see that he would have a mask. And everyday now he seems to get darker. Hubby remarked the other day that it must be the food I am feeding him that is making him darker lol.
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He looks so innocent in those pics, like "what? I am not doing anything!"
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What a beautiful athletic guy. You need a very tall cat tree!
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What a gorgeous boy! Well.... boys will be boys won't they?!
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Ah yes, indeed they are very athletic cats. It is no good thinking that you can put anything 'where they can't get to it' because inevitably they will get to it anyway, regardless of whether you think they can

Sonic my 5 month old Oriental can get up on top of the wardrobe without any effort.
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Haha, it's great when they discover what they can do ! Climbing up is always fun, is he as good on the coming down part ? (that's where mine often have some difficulties )

You'll see Ping darken even more with age, on the pic from october he looks a bit like Mimosa did when she was 5 months, nd look at her in my sig, she's two years old there !
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Well abys, siamese, ocicats and rexes are the champion jumpers of the cat world.

I had a 4 month old rex kitten who saw the older ones jump from the table to the top of the curio cabinet. She watched them do it a few times then figured she would do it. I told her she couldn't do it - was not big enough. Well next thing you know I see a 4 month old rex kitten on top of the curio cabinet. She jumped as high as she could, then scrambled UP the rest of the glass to get to the top.

Now she didn't want to come down, so I had to rescue her.

Another time I had 2-3 month old rex kittens climb to the top of a curtain and walk across the curtain rod, then come back down to the couch.
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