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Babies moving, or something else?

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I was sitting down giving Sasha her nightly belly rubbing. She settled down a bit and I was not really paying much attention to her, I just had my hand resting on her belly. The best way to describe what I felt is that I felt a strong "fluttering" feeling against my hand. My hand was stretched across her belly and I felt it several more times in a couple different places. It didn't feel like a kick or anything, but it did feel like something moving around in there. It excited me to think that maybe it was the babies... but do you think it was kittens or just maybe gas?
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I have felt this a few times with Cuddles and have wondered the same thing. I thought it might just be her tummy, but maybe not.

I'm interested to know as well!
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You most certainly can feel (and sometimes even see) the kittens moving towards the end of the term. When Lexus was pregnant, her kittens were extremely active. As she was reclining, you could actually see the movements from all the way across the room - it looked like the babies were dancing the Mambo in there! I used to tap gently on a little lump that would appear every now and then ... one day, it tapped back. *grin* I think it was Pearl saying Hi. *ROFL*
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Mary-Jane is pretty far along in her pregancy now and I can distinctly feel little babies in there but when I first started feeling movement it was a lot like a 'flutter' as you describe it. I remember I didn't feel positive it was babies, because it reminded me a lot of the way a tummy feels when it is growling or being active but sure enough after I felt it do that the first time it would happen a lot more often and soon I can distinctly feel kitties so I'm pretty sure that it is babies. Especially since I've never felt anything like that in a cat, before. I am pretty sure you are feeling her babies!
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Well, it's definitely babies moving!! Yesterday I felt the "fluttering" again and today it was much stronger... it felt like they were doing somersaults in there or something! I gently poked at one that was moving and it "poked" back . It's very exciting to get to feel them, now I can't wait until they get here!!
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I'm so excited for you. That's really cool how it starts off with a gentle flutter but within days it becomes stronger and you can distinctly tell it's a little baby in there.
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Exciting times! Good luck with your precious Sasha's pregnancy
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aww that is so sweet - so it seems we will all be on baby-watch soon then

Its so exciting, do keep us posted and lots of calming (((((vibes))))) coming your way
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