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What kind of brushes does everyone use on their cats? I had trouble with brushing Neko and Willie since they are Siamese and with the ordinary bristle brush : (like this but for cats not dogs) http://www.petsmart.com/media/ps/ima...large_dd37.jpg
it didn't get all the extra fur out.

So i was at the Christmas Tree Shop and saw this rubber brush.http://ec1.images-amazon.com/images/...080_SS500_.jpg
It's mostly for removing fur from carpets and cloths and cars but it worked Amazingly on the cats (well on Neko anyway, Willie didn't seem to loose any hair which was kinda odd, like absolutely no hair came off of him). i had tried brushes like this before http://i14.ebayimg.com/03/i/04/66/89/2a_1_b.JPG

but this brush worked much better. I'm glad I finally found something that works.

So what does everybody here use? mention the cats hair length too please
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I have all shorthaired cats and I just use an old slicker brush that I found in the barn and cleaned up... it works great!
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I use a Zoom Groom on the shorthairs and a comb on the longhairs.
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I don't use any brushes - I use combs on long or short hair. The black handle one is similiar to the one I had - it was a red short rubber one - I got it at the cat shows and I haven't seen one outside the shows. It was more flexible then most rubber brushes now. Was excellent for short hair cats like siamese (I had a 1/2 siames household pet it was used on).

The flea combs work very well on shorthair cats for getting the dead hair out.

BTW I have all short hair dogs and cats
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I use a zoom groom and a shedding comb on Ferris, and just the shedding comb (alternating long and short tines) on Ginger. As they are both long-haired, it will be interesting to see how Penny will need to be groomed - I'm not used to anything but really long fluffies everywhere!
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I use the Zoom Groom on Harley, and he actually tolerates it and enjoys it most times when we use it on him!
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I use mostly combs. Occassionally I'll use a slicker brush to fluff my cats up but every day grooming is with combs at my house!
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