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The downside to bonfire night :( - Page 2

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Thanks Heidi, I have the "emotional" posters ready, and this means WAR!
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Ummm....good luck.

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Go on Bod tell 'em the good news
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Ok Ok, I was on my way!! , Well, everyone..... BOD IS HOME!!!!!!! OH YES!!!! We stole him back last night!! We were on our way over to beat the guys door down once again, when we saw Bod in the window, he was in the corridor of the flats, so we just opened the door and scooped him up!! Then danced all the way home with him!! :laughing: YIPPEEEEE!!!! The scumbag had ever taken his collar and name tag off!! Grrr Anyway, I am just about to write a letter to this "gentleman" to explain, that what he did IS THEFT and if it happens again (which it won't cos Bod is never going out again) we WILL be going straight to the police!!

I'm just so glad he's home!!! He's not too happy about staying in at the moment, but hopefully he'll get used to it soon..

But for now, we CELEBRATE!!! :blubturq: :blubturq: :blubturq: :blubturq: :blubturq: :blubturq:
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Bod that's AMAZING news!!! I'm so glad little Bod is back home with those who love him the best.

Don't write to the guy. Just ignore it. He won't know where Bod's gone then. Also, maybe he saw your posters and felt bad.

Maybe he's very upset at having to let him go back and that was the only way he could deal with it, by leaving him in the public area hoping someone would let him out and he'd get home.

Don't understand why he'd taken the collar off though . . .

Doesn't matter does it - the boy's home!!!!
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THats just it though Yola, I hadn't even PUT the posters up yet!! We were going to do it if he didn't answer the door again!!

But you're right, all that matters is that he's home safe!!
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Yeah!!! I'm so happy for you Rhea!! I'm glad that Bod is back home safe even though he's probably wondering what the deal is.

I agree with Yola, I wouldn't write him a letter. Unless of course he doesn't know where you live then if it would bring this to a close for you but I'd be afraid he'd try to steal Bod back.

Either way it's time to celebrate!
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Wow - I'm joining this one late! What an incredible story! I'm so glad you got Bod back, but.... Some people. I mean - this thread started with such a horrific story - and ends with such a weird one! That is really bizarre. What an amazing cat Bod must be!!!!


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I am so glad that Bod is home - I was about to fly over there and go commando on his butt!
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That man knew Bod belonged to someone; I would file a police report. Rhea knows that's how I feel. He must be cruel and should be warned. What if Bod sneaks out when the in-laws just walk in without knocking or something? He'll grab Bod again. But for now,
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Horray!!! Bod's HOME!!!

I have to agree, I wouldn't write a letter. This guy obviously had every intention of keeping Bod, and adding writing the letter would probably only make him mad. You don't want him to break into your house to steal Bod again! I also agree with Jeanie, file a police report. That way if it happens again it is already documented that it is an ongoing problem. Perhaps if there is already something on file the police would be more willing to help if there is a next time (which I hope there isn't!)

Happy Dance! Bod is HOME!!!
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HUZZAH!!!! Well done on the commando raid on retrieving Bod. I'm sure he will settle down soon.
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Oh Rhea!!! I just read this, I didn't know anything about it!!! That was awful of that man to keep Bod and not let you have him back!!!

I am SO glad Bod is back home with you now!!!! YAAAAAY!!!!

I wonder if maybe you could talk to this old man (if he will answer his door) and ask him if maybe he would like a kitten for himself, you could get him one from the local animal shelter. I guess I am a softy, and what this old man did was wrong, but maybe he is just very lonely, and the cat gave him some comfort in his last years of life...maybe he would love a companion of his own. It is worth a shot...then you wouldn't have to worry that if Bod ever got out again, that this man might take him again. Just a thought.

I'm so glad you got him back!!!
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Debby, You're such a dear person. Rhea told me that the neighbors said he puts out food for the cats and then takes the ones he wants. It's the way he does things. He traps and grabs what he wants. Yours is a lovely thought, but I'm afraid this man is set in his ways, and his ways are not kind. Rhea could get him a kitten, but if he turned it down she'd have too many.
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Debby you are so sweet, and in fact someone else here said a similar thing (forgive me I can't remember who!)
You know, I guess I should be more caring, but when he went out of his way to be UNhelpful, it makes me not want to help him you know?? He wouldn't answer the door and removed collar and tag, that to me says he meant business. I guess I'm a bit of a meanie, but there you go, and persoannly I don't want to go round there again!! haha!! I'm a wimp!!
But its not a bad idea, I could get a kitten/cat.. take it to him, hopefully he'd say no, and then I could keep it!!!And ubby would have to let me!! :laughing:

Thanks for your thoughts Debby
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Gee, Rhea, I just read this thread. Glad to see you got Bod back! What is it with people and cats? They just think they can scoop up one if they see it? Sometimes I don't understand people.
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Great News Bodlover!

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Rhea! What a sneaky way to get a kitten!! HMMMMM Good idea, though!
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Heh heh heh, well Jeanie, I have to be inventive with ways to get more cats now that I already have 7... there has to be a good excuse!! :laughing:

And Deb25, I know, I just don't get it, would they do the same if a dog wandered by their door?? Would they just take it in and remove its collar and keep it??? I think not.... grrrr
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YAY!!!! I just read this. Glad Bod is home where he belongs.
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HANG the cruel people! How awful for the poor cat
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Just read about bod, poor thing, where do these wierdos come from

mmmm!!!! How about putting a collar on him and tightening it up to the last notch....freak.

Another thing what is the point of having your cat chipped if the police just ignore you.:confused3

to Bod glad your home with
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I finally read this too - was wondering what all the talk about bonfires was for 4 pages :tounge2:

Congrats on getting Boddie back home!!!
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I just read this and am so glad that Bod is back home!!! It is so sad when cats get taken away from their owners. I don't know which is sadder...not knowing where they are or knowing where they are and not being able to get to them Anyways, I'm happy Bod is back home where he belongs!
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Thanks everyone!! Bod is finally starting to accept the fact that he's staying in for good now..... I think... :laughing:

Anne :laughing2 - that would be one interesting Bonfire!!! :laughing2
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Originally posted by Bagpuss

mmmm!!!! How about putting a collar on him and tightening it up to the last notch....freak.
Originally posted by Kittycatty

HANG the cruel people! How awful for the poor cat

********************** I said, what this old man did was wrong...and if I had been Rhea, I would have been pretty mad too!!!! BUT....let's remember he is an old man....don't think he deserves to be hung or put a collar on....sorry....guess I just have a soft spot for old people since both of my parents were old when they died, and my mother had something close to alzheimers. Sometimes old people don't realize what they are doing....even though it is terribly wrong, he may not have seen it that way....old people get senile.
Now if he was killing the cats....I could maybe agree....but he was taking them in and feeding them. Still wrong, since they belong to someone else who loves them and worries about where they are....but Hang him? Tighten a collar on him? He is obviously very lonely, and probably not in his right mind. It is sad, very sad.
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Errm Debby...........It was A JOKE !!!!!!
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I realize it was a just hit a nerve...I apologize. It's been a long week and if I come off sounding irritated, that is why...I meant no harm. I just have a soft spot for old people...but what this man did was wrong...very wrong. I hope I didn't offend you, I didn't mean to.
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