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secure Cat tree

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I ant my Dad to build a cat tree and he started one about a year ago and never finished *sigh*. I was never too happy about it since he would not make it as tall as I wanted and therefore there was not much room for actual climbing or lots of stages. Now the carpet around the seams has been peeling off so there is wood showing. Because of that maybe I can get him to start over. I would like it taller (the one he made was about 4 feet). dad said that if it was much taller than it would fall over unless the base was humongous. So I was wondering how I would keep the tree from falling if it were taller? How high do you suggest it be? Also the peeling carpet is annoying. How do I keep that from happening? Dad was using a nail gun to attach the carpet is that secure enough? Thanks! I'd like any tips you can give I'd be glad to hear them.

Just so you know I like trees like these: http://i10.ebayimg.com/01/i/000/90/ab/047d_1_b.JPG

they don't have to be that tall of course but I like how they each have one bar going up that is not taken over by a level (the second one might not actually I can't tell but it has ramps that go straight through and still allows plenty of climbing.) so that they can climb all the way up if they like. I also like the hammock though I don't know if either of them would, maybe Willie.

Our current one is kinda like this, minus the smallest bar and platform. And the first level goes trough both bars. Ours is taller though. As you can see this is not nearly as fun as the other ones.
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I really liked that second one.... hmmm gonna have to find me one of them
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hehe, it's on ebay right now.
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