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Belated Introduction

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Hi everybody! I should have introduced myself earlier but I have been busy looking at all the threads. My name is Alicia and I live in the State of Utah. I am a mother of "three" children(two are actual children).
In April, I became the proud "mother" of a beatiful month old kitten. He was given to me by a friend.
Jake was a frightened little thing who would hiss at me. But with patience, he learned that I was his new mommy.
When I had to leave for school, he would cry. Or if I disappeared from his sight, hew would cry and look for me.
I don't know what his breed is. His primary color is gray with black spots and a black stripe running down his back.
He also has white on all his legs, his under side, his neck,
and on the muzzle. I think he will be a long hair. I am not too sure. He has baby hair right now, but some will stick out. I will know when he grows more. He loves to sleep besides me. Or on my chest. On my arm. He nuzzles me alot. He is also a playful kitten who will go after my toes. As soon as I can, I will send a picture of Jake. Just let me know how to do it. I really don't know how old he is. My guess is that he is a month old going on two months and that he was born in the middle of March. So his offical birthday will be on March 29. Thank You guys for all the advice. I will be visiting the site for information and also to keep updates on my Jake.

Alicia and Jake
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Welcome to forums! You'll meet a whole lot of great people who absolutely LOVE to talk about their cats. I can't wait to see a picture of Jake. He sounds wonderful.
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Alicia!!! I am SO glad you have joined us!!!! I hope you love it here as much as we all do!!!
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Welcome, welcome to The Cat Site! I'm sure you'll like this place. So, your new feline friend is named Jake? That's the same name as the cat who starred in the film The Cat From Outer Space. Now, be on the lookout for the mother ship in orbit. Or, is that you?

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Welcome! Jake sounds absolutely adorable! So glad you joined us!
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Welcome. I'm new myself and it's wonderful to be able to talk "cats" without someone rolling their eyes as if to say, "oh no, here we go again". The non-cat people just can't understand how precious these furballs are to us. They are the ones missing out on a good thing. Looking forward to "cat-talking" with you and all the other cat lovers.
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Nena10; I add my heart-felt hell-os to everyone elses. To you and Jake (your first cat--you see I can tell one will not be enough for you. . . . )welcome aboard what Mr. Cat calls our "Ship of Fools" our "Litter box of Loons" our "Scratching Post of Psychopaths" well, you get the idea, we're all just "Funny for Felines"!
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