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thankyou listener and readers :)

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I'd like to take the time to thank those who took the time to read my kitty survival story and I'd also like to thank the kind words on how I handled the situation. It was horrific..something I would never like to go through again. its only recently I aquired a female dog..I have been so frightned to have another female pet..I just want to tell people if you ever find yourself in that situation..saying to you dont panic is futile..cause I know you all would like I did seeing our beloved pets in such a situation..But my Dixie lived happily after that..And My son was born without a hitch heh however I was sicker than usual during that pregnancy lol wonder why huh..But if it happens just do what I did.phone your vet wrap the animal up tight and get to help as soon as you can they are mighty resilient our pussy cats once again thanks everyone :O)
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Thank you for sharing the story with us. While certainly a horrific story, it has such a happy ending, and I credit you with strong good sense and courage!

We trap, neueter and spay feral cats. Because we can't watch them once released nor can we guarantee our ability to trap them again to get stitches removed, we've always asked the Vet to use dissolving stitches, and we leave the females in boarding at the Vet's until there is no risk of infection. I guess we accidentally have created a situation where we shouldn't have the problem you experienced!

It was truly a heartwarming (though gross) story. I'm so pleased it had such a happy ending!

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