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update on Boys

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Devin is feeling somewhat better today.His throat is still pretty swollen.But, he says it doesn't hurt as bad.
Here is a pic that I took of his throat last night and didn't have time to post.

Seth is still pretty sick.Still refusing to drink anything.I'm about to force him to drink some though.I've tried EVERYTHING.......from telling him that they will draw blood to him getting an IV.Nothing will work.
Thanks for the prayers/vibes everyone.I'm just so worn out that I don't know which way is up and which way is down.
HUGS my friends!!
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to you! Hope everyone gets well soon!
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OMG Tammy...that looks so sore. Bless their hearts
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aww bless them , i hope they start feeling better soon and start eating and drinking soon.
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I get strep every year, so I know how Devin feels. The best thing is love from Mom.

For Seth, how about some popsicles or freezies?

For you, here's a hug
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Just had a thought - will Seth suck on ice cubes?
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I've tried Pedialyte popsicles,popsicles,gatorade,Sprite,gingerale,Pedialyte in a cup..............he won't try any of it.He just lays around and wants to be left alone.
I'm going to take him back to the ER here in just a min.
thanks everyone!! I'll update as soon as I can.
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Good luck at the ER! Hopefully you get a helpful Doc!
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I don't know if this would work, it works with littler ones - I would take a new or clean squirt bottle and fill it with water, pedialyte, whatever, and they can squirt it in their mouth...it's sorta fun.

And I hope everyone gets better, yikes!
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Awww tammy let us know how it goes at the hospital hon! i'm praying for all of ya'll!!!!
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