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I feel babies move!!!

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Yay! I can feel babies move in Mika's tummy!!! I am soo excited!! Yay! And saw 3 baby kittens at the shelter today, all of them very cute!! And a very adorable 8 week puppy! Not very puppy like though.. Oh well! I felt babies in Mika!! So exciting! And she is doing very well! But, ya, I feel babies! There are at least 3 kittens, maybe. At least 1 I mean. hehe, 3 is the most.
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aw thats great news . so maybe 2-3 weeks to go yet? or do you think they have been moving about for a while now ?
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2-3 weeks sounds right. She needs to get bigger. lol. I have a feeling she is going to trust me with her kittens. Her mom before her trusted her people with the babies. It looks like she is doing great. I know she is hungry, I might buy her some kitten food sometime when we go next time! Because kittens eat kitten food, and it will help the babies too. But I have a feeling Mika is going to be a good momma cat. For this litter.
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Congrats... that's very exciting! I can't wait until I can feel the babies move on my girls!
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Oh, I know how excited I was when I first felt Butterball's babies move. I was feeling her tummy every day probably driving her crazy!
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I know I am driving Mika up the wall! lol. She loves to be petted though, and to sneak inside, then I get yelled at. Oh well, nothing new. lol
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I started feeling MJ's babies moving about a week ago. At first it only felt like a little air bubble or a little gurgle but now I can feel certain body parts like bellies and elbows and even a ribcage. My friends love coming over and touching the kittens inside of her. Mary-Jane adores the attention. It's so exciting. I always do my happy dance when I feel them move. Sometimes when they're being especially roudy we can see them moving when she stands still.
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That's so exciting! Won't be long now
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I loved rubbing pregnant kitty tummies...
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congratz, i bet that is exciting, i've acutally never been able to expierance that before. just on dogs and people. and a horse. i can't wait to see her babies!
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I bet ya one will look like her! tehe. Maybe. I can't wait.
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It is an amazing feeling when you feel those babies move. Really emphasises the miracle of life

I look at Boris, Theo and Amelia...1 year on, when they are giving me cuddles, and I think 'I felt you kick in your mummy's tummy' and its a special feeling (lol..I treat these cats as my children!)

Good luck with Mika and the babies.
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Awww. It won't be long now.
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