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Questions about supplements

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So I wrote a while back about my cat Pooka. She has a very sensitive stomach and will get loose stools with most foods. The only food that works is Sheba Select Cuts(the one in the tub). However that is not nutritionally balanced. I took peoples suggestions and tried Natural Balance Venison and Pea wet food but she wont eat it. She wont eat wet food in loaf form. So at my wits end I ordered this vitamin powder hoping it will be a good substitute since I cant feed her a nutritinally balanced food. THe supplement is called Synovi-feline and these are the ingrediants

Glucosamine...225mg, MSM...200mg, Creatine...125mg, Perna Canaliculus...75mg, EPA...45mg, DHA...30mg, Vitamin C...2.5mg, Vitamin E...12.5 IU, Vitamin A...500 IU, Taurine...50mg

Also contains: Whey, Sucrose, Citrus Bioflavonoids, Calcium, Phosphate, Maganese Sulfate, Zinc Sulfate, Alpha Lipoic Acid, Grape Seed Extract, Selenium Selenite, Natural Beef and Natural Liver Flavor

Is this ok? Will this meet her nutritional needs? Because if not....I dont know. She may need to be put to sleep. Its not fair to her to have to suffer with painful diarrhea for the rest of her life, and keeping her soley on this food will kill her just the same. HELP!
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Please ask your vet about the supplement ..
have you tried homemade food??
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Check with your vet about which supplement would be right for your cat. Some of the ones out there are Wysong's Call of the Wild (designed to by fed with their meat-only products) and possibly some of Solid Golds powders. Again, I'm not sure which ones would make your cat's food complete (and be aware that the Wysong one has garlic), but there should be something available that will do the trick. Also, Sheba has a small discussion forum--you might consider signing up there to see if other Sheba consumers have tips for you.
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You might want to try the Supplements section of this site. The site itself is chock-a-block full of useful information, centering on simple raw diets, plus supplements, etc.

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