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Another Food Question

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It's been almost a month since I got Doofus. At the first vet check up I was told all the things I wanted to hear...happy healthy active kitten....

The diarrhoea at the time was said to be due to the Whiskas kitten meat that I was feeding her. The vet said to give dry food and to see whether it improves as the meat was too rich for the poor kitty. She was only 6 weeks then. She's nine weeks tomorrow and she's much bigger now. I'm so proud of her. She's done so well after the laundry and everything. Russell adores her now.

But anyway, I was just wondering whether the vet told me the truth because I ended up paying $40 for dry cat food from the vet. It's IAMS stuff and it appears to have worked. Though it could have been the worms if she had any....and she can eat meat now and not have a problem.
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The vet was probably right, but I expect they also wanted you to buy stuff from them, you can get good quality dry food for alot less than you paid, although Iams IS a good brand.

As for the wet food, it is probably just becasue she is older now that she can handle it, very young kittens have very sensitive tummy's!
Glad to hear she is doing well
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If you really wanted to switch her back you can try doing it slowly by mixing a small amount in with her dry and as long as her stools are normal you can mix a little more in as you go. I'm not really sure what type of food your vet gave you but it sounds as though it's a bland type of food that helps calm down the intestinal tract to help clear up the diarrhea.

Often cats don't need to stay on this type of food but there's a few cats who have a very sensitive stomach and do best with a bland diet. It may be that the Whiskas is too rich for her or that maybe as you thought it could have been worms. Just switch her food slowly and see how she does. Good luck!
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Thank you thank you.

BodLover, Doofus being the way she is....no upset tummy yet. Though I am watching out for it. ^_^

BadHabit, as for the slow switch back, Doofus has decided that she too can eat from Russell's bowl and vice versa. I have tried to stop it but have given up in vain. At least they're both healthy and eating.

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