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~What Colors Are My Kittys??~

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~Im new to the whole "being owned by a cat" thing so I need some experts help here....I have a couple is white with black tail and face. Its pretty obvious what color she is....what color do you CALL that? White with spots?? Her name is Oreo.~ other kitty is white, grey, blue, tan, striped and white lolol...She was a stray but I was told by my neighbor that their Siamese gave birth to her...Father unknown....Im attaching pictures of her...Her name is NoNo...~

~Okay she just had 3 babies 6 days ago. Youssarian, Lazuli and Tosca. Tosca is black with grey lines through her sides but solid black on her back. She has 4 white feet and underbelly. What color is she? I was told there is no such color as a black tabby which is what I have been calling her. If there is no such thing what she little Tosca considered?~

~Little Lazuli is grey with some lines through his sides although you can barely see them in his pics. He has 2 white front feet and 2 white legs in the back. White marking on his forehead like mommy cat~

~Last but not least...because he is definatly a Youssarian...he is the biggest of the trio. He has some light lines through his side and his face but his back is light orange. What is his color considered?~

ALSO with these new pics I just took can you tell me if they look like they will stay short hair like mom...or will they possibly be long haired or medium haired kittys?~

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On the last pic, I'm not sure of the one in the middle but think the other two are a blue tabby and white and a red tabby and white. The middle one is a tabby too but not sure on the colour. You can tell a tabby with the letter M on the forehead. Mum's colours sound like she is a dilute tortie and white, i.e. blue, cream and white. Think they will remain shorthairs like mum. Hope this helps.
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IMO the mom looks like a blucream tabby and white - or dilute torbie. I'd have to see more of her body/tail.

The kittens are:

Blue tabby (not black - its a dark blue) and white
a solid Blue/white bicolor (the blue will have some faint stripes if one parent has tabby - the father is probably a black/white),
and a Red tabby/white.
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Just had a second look at them, GK45, do you think the one in the middle could be a brown tabby and white possibly?
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Maybe, but I've seen a litter of domestic shorthairs at that age where the kits are brown tabbies and they were definately BROWN. I'm looking at the face and legs - its a dark blue IMO. I'll see if I can find some brown tabby babies on the net tonite and compare.

Of course, my Ling was a weird kitten! Their mom was a tortie/white and the entire litter was born blue tabbies/white (5). At one month of age the blue tabbies had blue points like a siamese (solid blue with blue tabby body). At 2 months, they turned into seal points with blue tabby bodies. At 3 months they all turned into black/white cats.

Never in all my years of showing/breeding cats did dilute colors change to dominate ones. I've had 2 breeder friends who are excellant in genetics look at the pictures/descriptions and neither has a good explanation for the color changes. I bred rexes - my blacks stayed black, the blues stayed blue!
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~So even though Tosca is black with light grey stripes she is considered a blue tabby. Wow CAT colors are sooooo much different than with dogs. Ive done dog rescue for 7 years but have only recently dabbled with stray cats. Id love to see pics of other grey tabby kittens/cats. So they are going to stay short hair from what you can tell? So orange cats are called red? and the stripes make her a red tabby...interesting! He looks like alittle Pumpkin...Garfield....~

Here is a few more of mom so you can see her body and tail. She is VERY petite...just about a year old. sweet girl and I have no clue what her tru parents are but was told her mom was a full blooded blue pointed Siamese. She has stripes around her tail and you can barely make them out but on her face. Im assuming she passed all the stripes on to babies.~

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NoNo is a tough one for me, because of her blue eyes I know she has Siamese in her and she has some "point" markings.

The breed know as a Colorpoint was developed by crossing a Siamese with colored cats to get "points" ( face, tail, legs) in colors other than traditional Siamese colors which are variations of black/brown.

Colorpoint as a breed, are cats that have marking like a Siamese but they are red or torti, or Lynx (tabby).

So NoNo could be considered a very poor quality Torti point. I say poor quality because she is lacking pointed feet and she has some marking on her back.
She does have a concentration of markings on her face and tail, plus the blue eyes that go with "pointed" cat breeds.

If she had yellow or green eyes and did not have any Siamese in her I would say Blue Cream (dilute) torti. But because of the blue eyes and the known Siamese in her lineage I think that affects what you call her.

GK45 What do you say on this twist of things? Does being a Siamese mix make a difference in your opinion?
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Ok she's a pointed and white (that's why there is no point color on the legs - the white is covering it up). I'd have to see her in person, to see the color on her tail. She's either a very poor seal tortie lynx point or she's a dark blue tortie (or bluecream) point. The face color and cream on the body would mean she's a blue tortie - not seal tortie.

That may be why the one kitten is not a black but a dark blue. Because the mom is dark blue. She definently is carrying the dilute from her mother being a blue point, if she's a seal tortie - or if she's a blue tortie.

What sex are the kittens - I can tell you from that what color the father was. Was she already pregnant when you got her or did you see who she mated with?

Also if her mother was a blue point siamese, she had to mate with another siamese or a siamese mix that had white on him. Both parents have to be pointed or carry pointed for her to be pointed - otherwise she would be a solid cat that was also carrying the pointed gene.
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I havent a clue what she mated with. I got her on Feb 18th and she had babies on April 7th so just was preggos when I got her. Kittens, well the red is a male for sure. The grey and white is a male and the blue tabby is a female. There is an array of cats in my neighborhood so any of them could be daddy. There are Persians, Siamese, Russian Blues and several other FULL breed cats loose in the neighborhood. There are also a bunch of unknowns. I couldnt tell you what she was bred to. Ill take a picture of her tail to show you. Its grey striped.

and last but not least...her tail
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thanks Willing to bet the blue female's father was a blue (maybe the russian blue) (mom and dad give color to the females; mom gives color to the males).

Still iffy on what color she is - she's too light to be a seal tortie point, and a little too dark for a good blue tortie point. The only way to tell her true color would be to do an "on purpose" breeding to a male that was dilute himself - either a blue or a cream. If she had ANY dominate colored kittens (either black or red) then she would be a seal tortie point. If all the kittens were either blues or creams, then she would be a blue tortie point.

I know there was a breeding with rexes (I traced my cats back to the original) where the color on one of the cats was wrong. It showed a blue/white male mated to a cream female and produced a tortie (not a bluecream). So one of them was labelled wrong - either the male had very little blue on him (or was a "washed out black") or the cream was a "washed out red".

It might the case with your female - she could be a "washed out" seal tortie lynx point. But the cream looks like a "hot" cream color - that's why I think she's a blue tortie lynx point- just darker then she should be
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NoNo is gorgeous!!!!! Her colourings are absolutely beautiful! And the kittens are so sweet as well! I love how they all have white legs, so cute!

I think everyone's given pretty good colour advice, I can't tell you any more, just wanted to say they're gorgeous
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What color are her paw pads??????
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~Sorry its taken so long to get back to this thread. My daughter cut her food and had to go get stitches so Ive been catering to baby kittens and her so Ive only checked my main threads I post on~

~Her pads are light they almost look bruised. They arent black, and they arent white. They are a creamy/blue color like the shading on her back. Ill try to get pics later when my camera charges~
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That's what I suspected. She's a dark blue tortie lynx point - if she was seal the paw pads would be a lot darker - more black looking. Blue has more of a purplish-red or blue on the paw pads. I'll look up the bluecream standards on a oriental/siamese cat tonite to verify the color of seal or blue tortie point.
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That was my immediate thought as well - tortie, tortie, tortie. Through and through
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Yes but the question was whether she is a seal or a blue tortie - pawpads confirm it

Blue Tortie Point: Body should be a mottled platinum gray of bluish tones and cream shading to a lighter tone on the chest and belly. Mottling may be absent in young cats and kittens in the body coat. Points should be a deeper glue-gray mottled with red and/or cream. The mask should also have red or cream mottling and the blaze is desired. Ears and tail should show definite red and cream mottling in the blue-gray color. Nose leather may show a pink spot on the normally dark blue-gray if a blaze is present. paw pads to be dark blue-gray with light pink mottling. eyes to be a dark brilliant blue, almost violet.

Seal Tortie Point: Body should be pale fawn to cream shading to lighter color on stomach and chest. Body may be mottled in older cats. Points should be a dark seal brown, mottled with red and/or cream. Allowance will be made for lack of red and/or cream in kittens and young adults, as the red gene is slow to develop. Nose leather should be a dark seal brown, except where blaze extends into the nose leather. paw pads; dark seal brown except where the mottling extends into paw pads.
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