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Am I weird for this

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I love cat food commercials, mostly because I love looking at cats. I am always looking at the cats on fur pics. I just think cats are the most beautiful animals. I like the new The Good Life cat food commercial. Makes me want to research the food to see if she would like the food. But they have beautiful cats on all of these commercials.
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No you're not weird. I do that all the time.
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Cats may be the planet's most aesthetically perfect creatures. I never get tired of seeing them, on ads, in magazines, anywhere! And I love to see dogs, too -- some are beautiful, some not so much, but they all have such sincerity in their faces.
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I want that cute little devil cat on the royal bathroom tissue comercial, the one that roars at the guy for trying to take the tissue
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i am the same way!
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Nopers, you arent weird!! I looove looking at cats, all the time! Anywhere and everywhere!!
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Me too! I love the NZ Whiskas commercials. I should see if I can find the one thats showing at the moment - its so funny!
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Your not alone, infact I like any commercial that features a cat. The truth be known I may not even pay attention to what product is being advertised, I just watch what the cat is up to.
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Me too! In fact, once when I was visititng my parents, my mom caught me flicking through the channels:

Mom: "What are you doing?"

Me: "Looking for catfood commercials."

Mom: "Oh, thats great!" (She meant it too!)
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i like Americas Funniest Home VIdoes cuz they often show cats on there...i always compare my boys to the ones on tv...also i LOVE looking at kitty calanders!
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Originally Posted by Tavia'smom View Post
Makes me want to research the food to see if she would like the food.
That just goes to show thier advertising is working
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Not wierd at all! I love cat ads to.
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I love animals in commercials, but am a complete sucker when it comes to cats! The ASPCA commercials always make me tear up almost full cry, and they aren't even a minute long! The great thing is that they even have cats as the star of commercials that aren't for pet products! Like the Lotto commercial, the Himalayan coughs up a diamond! "This doesn't happen..."
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The Good Life commercials are precious both the Dog and Cats, OMG Those babies are GORGEOUS
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