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What do you repeatedly say to your cats?

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I am just wondering...

I always find myself saying to Trout at least 10 times a day "Trout you're so :censor::censor::censor::censor::censor::censor::censor: cute".

I can't even help it, it just comes out without me even knowing it..

Is there anything that you are constantly saying to your cats?
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i often say hello my babba , or chirpy as 2 of my cats dont meow they chirp. yes the babba one is silly i know hehe
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"Ben your not allowed up there!"
"Molly your so pretty!"
"Lucky! You are not my boyfriend! Stop nuzzling my boobs!"
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Mostly Mommy loves you and Mommy's right here to Joey who cries incessantly to me
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Who's hungry? who's hungry?
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Oh my ... I do this all the time. I keep telling them how handsome or how beautiful they are, and I'll repeat it 10 times in 10 minutes, LOL!!! I keep asking them how they are, how was their day, etc. They never answer (in English, anyway,) but I keep on asking!

And now that I'm talking to them about bringing Penny in - I tell them each how very special they are, and especially for Ginger, I tell her over and over and over that SHE is the boss kitty, she is my most special girl, and that NO ONE will replace her as queen of the cats in my house. Oh - and that she has to BE NICE to Penny!
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Wheres my little muffins then!!!

Wheres mums babies!

Come to mummy!

Rosie, sweeties!!

Look at them face to face and say "Your gorgeous do you know that!!"
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Goooood kitty! or I'm gonna beat you up. I tell them that and they get all excited cuz I say it when I am playing with them.
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Originally Posted by Kaylacat View Post
Goooood kitty! or I'm gonna beat you up. I tell them that and they get all excited cuz I say it when I am playing with them.
Oh that's funny - I forgot about that!

Ginger likes to try to get me to "get" her by looking at me and shaking her head at me from the top of her cat tree - when she was little, she'd do that then run away wanting me to chase her.

Now when she shakes her head at me, I say: "Are you talking to me? Are YOU talking to ME? You want some of this? I'll give you some of this!"

Then I go over and give her scritches.
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I tell them often how beautiful/handsome they are. And I'm always saying "stop it you little brat!"
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Dorian Grey...GET OUT OF THERE!
Spookie(Ophelia)....play nice or you're gonna get it someday
Teach(Twitch)....you are such a beach
Damita Damita Damita Damita Damita!!! (that is how I call her to me)
Molly Dolly Doo Doo.....who loves you?
TigerLily Marlene....where are you now?

My favorite one.... "all right...who left their hair on my shirt?"
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"Who's my fuzzy bunny?" -- to Spike

"Who's my chubby bunny?" -- to Oz (who is no longer chubby)

"I am not a scratching post."

"It's a good thing you're cute, because ... [insert reason here: eg you're really dim, you're not very graceful, you're really obnoxious, etc.]" -- usually said to Spike

"Those don't get any smaller" (said when Oz is trying to use me as a pillow and thinks my boobs are getting in the way)
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I call them pretty girls. Oh and Phantom gets told NO alot. She doesn't listen. And I meow at them alot and chirp to them too!
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Originally Posted by GingersMom View Post
...she is my most special girl...
That's exactly what I tell my Pearl! And I assure Clyde that he's my "very most special boy."

I say that to finesse my way around the fact that my folks' kitties, Dylan, Sassy, Abby, and St. John, are all special to me, too... but Clyde and Pearl are really my babies.

Sometimes when Pearl and Sassy have a dispute, Clyde will get all puffed up and step in on Pearl's behalf, and I have to say, "Now you just unbristle yourself, young man!" And he does!
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"Hey little fella" or "hey little buddy" but it's all in my tone of voice, of course.

Or chatty conversations:

Wally: *meow*

Me: Oh yeah?

Wally: *meooooh*

Me: Really? You don't say!

Wally: *meaaah*
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Lucy be nice (she's always hissing or whacking Carly)

Carly - You've been fed and you're not hungry.

Much, I'll brush you in a little bit.
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Something i say when i get home is 'who did this?'
Spaghetti toes' is a nickname.
Sometimes 'poopy pants' is called for. (due to the occasional "cling-on" "left-overs")
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LMAO - "Sadie, you are a naughty girl but Mommy loves u anyways!"
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I swear I spend half my time at home saying:

"STUMPY! Don't even THINK about it!" When I see her walking with a purpose to something she wants to scratch on

"STUMPY! Get off the table!!!!"

"STUMPY!!!! Leave those darn tissues alone!!!!"

And then "Awwww Stumpy, look at those innocent eyes, you're so cute"

Smudge is usually "no Smudgey it's NOT dinner time yet", from as soon as we get up until dinner time, then from half an hour after dinner time until bed time.

Lily gets "it's ok sweetheart, I'm not going to hurt you", when she shies away from me
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There's nanny's princess - to Mika.

Gosh, I just love you so much - to Bijou.
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All day long I find myself saying the following things...
Monkey STOP
Get off my leg!
I am not chew toy
How can you be so cute but yet so devilish, I don't get it.
Look at the cute little Funky Monkey unkey.(while rubbing her belly)

Monkey is Karmas nick name. Pretty much the only time we call her Karma is when she has really gotten into trouble. She know when I say Karma to stop whatever she is doing and listen.
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All my boys hear every single day, multiple times a day... "You are so smokin' hot!"

I also Pddrrow to them very often.
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"Whose dirty bum was on my bed?", said entirely too often when I walk into my room and notice suspicious marks on the sheets.
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to LuckyGirl, "are you my pretty girl?" "who's so pretty, are you pretty?" and she beams!

to Louie, "hims so handsome" I always say "hims" for some reason, it sounds cuter! And "does him love hims daddy?" and "hims daddy's best friend!"

Then of course there's "LOUIEEEEEE!!!!! Leave the turtle alone!!!" And "LUCK, GET OUTTA MY WOK!!!"
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Kojak - "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO" - i say it soo much i bet he thinks his name is "NO!" He's into EVERYTHING now- he's all kitten

Velvet- I carry her around everywhere and call her my sweet little baby

Isabella- mommy's little princess / princess prissy pants/ SNOB! She's soo stuck up

Jasmine " come here sugar momma!" "luv ya sugs!" (she's our little sugar momma)

Abilene- "hey sweet girl" / "Abbie, stop being a B#$%^!" (she gets in moods!

my bottle babies- "sweetheart, honey/ stuff like that" When i ask them if they want their bottles they start screaming at the top of their lungs
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To Pipsqueek, its either BELLYRUUUUUUUUUUUB to which he will jump up on his chair and roll over, or Pipsqueek OUT! I don't like him going behind the furniture so whenever I see him heading that way, I stop him. He knows that word! Or I'm RIGHT here as he goes around the house meowing for me.

To Frantic: Go lie down baby. He likes to sit on the back of the couch and play with my hair. He also knows the word Kisses and headbutts my lips as I give him a kiss on top of his head. Frantic, leave your brother alone usually follows them up the stairs as he chases Pipsqueek
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To Cindy (my tease) and Suzy (my martyr): OK, you two, I don't care who started it, BOTH of you stop -- NOW!

To Fawn: yes, I KNOW you're cute!
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to Daphne: No, no, NOOO, nonononono, NO!, oh my god what was I thinking I will never get any sleep again, aww lookit that adorable little tummy, whose the most precious little angel in the whole wide world, NO! GET DOWN THIS MINUTE!, oh lord you're gonna kill me, Sebastian is a nice guy stop biting his butt, don't scream when you started it, of course you don't want the expensive food, (with her gentle paw on my face) I love you baby girl.

To Seb: I'm so sorry sweetie , stop chewing on her head, you're such a good boy, where's Daphne?, who's my snoogie woogy punkin bear?
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To Squee: "Crazy!", "Are you crazy? Do you have no sanity?", "Look at my crazy girl!"

To Scratch: "Pretty lady!", "Would you like a chin rub?", "AUGHH SCRATCH YOU STINK!"

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To Snickers: "Babyboy"

To Dusty: "Sweets!"

To Hammie: "Booger Breath!" or "Stinky" cuz his bum smells sometimes
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