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Dog question --Bear got hit...

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Bear {the dog} got hit tonight.... The lady said it wasnt hard and he walked home (about 400 feet). He was walking on all 4 legs ok. I mean he looked a little stiff, but 'ok'.
Put him in the house, my sister left for 3 hours, came home and now he cant stand easily.... He didnt try running out the door when it was opened and is just laying on the floor.
Im taking him to the vet but do you think he broke something if he was able to stand earlier ok? My sister's been wanting to get rid of him for a while and I feel if it is something more then being stiff, he wont be coming home tomorrow He is 10 months old if that helps. Tonight I was maybe 5' away and called to him and he couldnt get up on his hind legs... Im hoping he is just stiff and nothing is broke...
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You should get him to the vet now if you can. He could of suffered internal injuries, he might have a slow bleed, or trauma to his head. If anything call the vet service and speak to your vet and tell him. He will be able to tell you what you should do. If it were my dog, he would be at a 24 hr.emergency clinic right NOW! Good luck
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I don't have much advice to give, just get him to a vet. I really do hope that it is not serious. I hope you get some good news.
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I agree with Hissy and Nicki, he needs to see a vet right away. It is possible he could have some serious injuries, even though he walked at the time. We once saw a cat run over - the cat leap up ran off and jumped a 6 foot fence... he was later found, and was so badly injured he was put down. I truly hope your sister will have the heart to get him the treatment he may need, all the best to you and as Nicki said, hopefully you'll have some good news for us
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Thanks for answering. We have no 24 hour service here {and Im landlocked, so I can not drive to another town}. My sister said he is stiff but moved into the bedroom to lay down. I am taking him in first thing tomorrow...
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Good for you for taking him as soon as you can, please let us know what happens
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How is Bear? What did the vet say? I hope he is okay!
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