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Question on c-section for a friend

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I have a friend that is fostering a preg. cat. well was pg. but she ended up having the babies. One got stuck so they went to the vets and they got that one out but it didn't make it then the others wouldn't come so they did a c-section and she now has 3 live babies. Well they went to pick her up the next day and found out she had internal bleeding so they had to open her back up and she was also spayed when she had the c-section.

She had asked the vet if the cat could still nurse and they told her it would be fine. well then yesterday they told her that the cats milk would dry up in 2 weeks because she was spayed so now she is worried about having to bottle feed the 3 kittens in 2 weeks time.......

I just wanted anyone that has had a cat that was spayed during a c-section to share their stories on how the mom did so I can either pass them on or she can read them here since I did give her this site. Thanks.
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from doing some reading when lilly had a c section im lead to belive that some cats milk can dry up , but others seem fine.
normally as long as the kittens are nursing the milk should still contuine to flow untill they stop, but to be on the safe side speak to another vet , sometimes there is an injection ( cant remember what it is called) that helps her to produce milk. failing this tell her to get prepared , buy some KMR some sryinges/bottles which most big pet supplyers sell , and do some reading up on how to bottle feed young kittens.
but once the kittens get to 2 weeks after having mums milk they have a bigger chance of surviving , the biggest task is getting them to except the bottle.
hope someone comes on soon with some more advisefor your friend
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No idea about cats, but I rescued a dog a few years ago that was in labor when I got her... she had to have a c-section. The vet spayed her without asking me first and within a week or so most of her milk dried up... another vet told me that she should not have been spayed until after the puppies were weaned... the pups still got a little milk from mom but I had to supplement them with bottle feedings daily until they were weaned.
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Thanks. I read here alot and have heard of some not having milk but thought it strange for the vet to tell her that in 2 weeks her cats milk would dry up because of the spay. I have never heard that before on here........ but I will make sure to tell her to be ready JIC. She is picking up mom and baby today they kept her for a bit after the 2nd surgery to watch her.....

She has already said she can bring them into work and has help with feeding them etc. but just wanted to hear if they always dried up after a c-section spay or if some where fine. and why the vet said 2 weeks after. hahaaa
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