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do i have a "name brand" cat?

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i have seen pictures of two different cats on here that belong to members that i have a question about. they are both russian blues. everytime i see a picture they look just like my sami. and i say to my husband, "look it's sami!!" sami is grey, but so grey she almost have a blue tint. we always said this when we got her. we thought her color was very pretty. i have another grey cat, o'mally and he is just grey. is there a chance i have a cat that is an actual breed? she was found in a kroger parking lot as a kitten, and i've had her every since.4 years now. it does not matter what she is, but i was just curious. how can i tell?
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Quite possible although I'm not cat expert I just spend all my time cuddling mine
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Hello, it is quite possible. I wonder what a Russian Blue kitten was doing in a car park. Is it possible to post a picture of her? It is hard to say unless we can see her. A Russian Blue has a double coat unlike any other cat, it should feel like a silk scarf running through your hands. They always have green eyes, and are long and slender but muscular. They are affectionate and have a soft voice. The Russians have a tendency to ride or sit on your shoulder and many leap into their owners arms. They love to get into tight or high places and are healthy, loving companions. If there are anymore questions please ask away
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It's possible that she is. Considering the cost of Russian Blues, I would think it more likely that two cats with recessive genes for Russian Blue got together. That could produce a "twin" for a Russian Blue. Post the pictures, and check what the experts like Bundy said. You love your baby anyway, of course.
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the info i needed was already here on the cat site! breeds! sami has al the characteristics including being she is the most affectionate cat we have. she will get as close to your face as possible and lay there. she is slender, not skinny. but she does not have pink pads. hers are grey. i read russion blues have pink pads. i am very sure though she must have alot of blue in her. her eyes are green. sami is also a very good jumper. our entertainment cabinent is 6 feet high and she can jump to the top from the floor. it might just be because she is the only cat here, thats not fat or lazy! i really wish i could post a pick of her and all my cats, but i don't have a working digital camera.
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Check out these photos:

Cooper 12 weeks old

Cooper 14 weeks old

We rescued Cooper from a shelter... and every "cat person" who has seen her, thinks she is a Russian Blue or has some in her....

It doesn't matter..... she's a sweetie either way (who loves to nibble your hands!!)

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