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Ziggy is driving me crazy!!!

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Ziggy is driving my boyfriend and I out of our minds. He never shuts up... never, its getting me partly worried but very annoyed. he walks in a room sits right in front of you and just "meowmeowmeowmeow meow meow meow meow" looking right at us, right in front of us like he is trying to talk to us... he did this once before but it was right before he was neutered a couple years ago.

I always make sure he has plenty of food plenty of water, because he will come complain to us when the food/water is low or empty, even when the litter box is getting a bit dirty (he really just knows how to get what he wants). so we made sure to do a real good clean out of both litter boxes, brand new fresh litter with the brand he likes (yes he is picky about brands), and he still does it. I've been woken up by him every night, him standing over me, his face really close to mine and he's just meowing until his voice gets hoarse. this is not normal!! it almost sounds like he is barking like a dog!! the second we pick him up or start petting him he will shut up and start purring like a crazy cat... but its ridiculous the way he wakes us up every night. and if we lock him out of the room he meows outside the door he just wont stop its insane. and I feel so bad because you can hear his voice getting rhaspy!

I have two theories... either the problem with his eye is getting worse and its irritating him (although he never seems to rub or touch it or squint with that eye, and the vet said it was fine) it was a pigmentation thing, brown spots that looked like Iris Melanoma but after doing tests/bloodwork on him the vet said that it was most likely just the pigment changing color since none of the spots looked raised and he was in perfect health.

or, there is this fluffy cat that walks around outside and loves to sit in front of the windows to our apartment (we are on the ground floor), my cats and this cat could just stare at each other for hours, especially Leeloo she loves to watch the cat outside who my boyfriend and I have started calling "Fluffers" because its a very fluffy very cute cat. I know Fluffers owner she lives above me, its not like its a stray so I am pretty sure whether its a boy or girl it has been fixed, we thought for a little while it was a girl cat in heat but Fluffers doesn't really act like it, he/she will just sit out of the window staring. it makes Leeloo really happy she makes this happy chattering noise and sits to watch, but Ziggy will pace back and forth. I'm wondering if Fluffers is male, and Ziggy is pissed because he's coming onto his territory?

I just hope Ziggy's not sick, I just paid over $200 at the vet not even a month ago and they did every sort of test they could on him and they told me he was a very healthy cat, his eye I need to keep a watch on but the vet said that it looks just like the pigment is changing color, so I don't think thats what it is! arg! driving me insane!

he was just standing here while I wrote this, in between my feet just meowing and rubbing the top of his head on my foot until he ran after my boyfriend he left the room. maybe he just wants to play??

please help if you have any idea, its frustrating because if something is wrong with him, I want to help him, but if its not and he's just begging us to give him attention all the time I need to know how to stop this, because at 4am its not cute anymore.

btw, here is a link to a picture of his eye, just incase:
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I've seen cats (especially orange tabbies) with the same sort of eye markings before. For what it's worth I've never noticed any strange behavior from them. One was so cute because he had matching freckles on his nose.

Anyway, you have to rule out medical problems first. Is he doing anything else strange like not using his litter box or acting like he's going to pee in a corner of the room but not urinating? Often medical problems can cause behavioral problems but that doesn't necessarily mean there's anything wrong with him. I'd go to the vet's myself just for the peace of mind.
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he's using the litter box, thats the first thing I made sure of because he can be picky about that, but he is not showing any signs of having a health issue, and he was just that vet, not even a month ago like two weeks ago, they did every sort of test on him, tested all his organs his blood his urine everything and told me he was in perfect health so I really don't think its a health thing because we just were there, just had him tested.

he seems happy most the time, he plays with Leeloo, he behaves more or less the same as usual just that when he wants the attention from us he won't stop meowing until he gets it and its just every night all night meowing like crazy but if he succedes in waking us up he will just kind of flop down, roll over to show us his belly because he likes it when we pet him there, and start purring.
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About 30 -45 minutes before me and my boyfriend go up to bed, is play with PHX non stop... I mean we really play hard with him to wear him out for the night. It seems to help us sleep better, because then he isn't wanting our attention all night. It sounds like at night, he's just getting bored so he's saying "Hey mommy. I know your asleep but can you PLEASE pet me a little bit!" So maybe try wearing him out before bed??

I also agree with one of the other posts, that I would get him checked out with a vet. Maybe get a second opinion with a different vet? Keep a close eye on his bathroom use! If anything changes at all, it could be something medically wrong with him!

I'm sure someone will come along and give you great advice! Good luck, and keep us posted!
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Since you say his behavior is normal it seems to me like Ziggy just wants some attention... Maybe because one of you ends up giving in and begins to give him the attention he is associating his meow meow meowing with getting what he wants. Try playing with him a little more when he isn't meowing at you for attention and see if that curbs it. I'm not an expert but I'm sure someone else will come along with some more helpful insight. Good luck!
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