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Dear friends,

Thank you once again for all the replies. I forgot to add one important question to my previous letter. Why did you prefer to adopt an adult cat instead of a kitten? If you folks could answer this question too it would be great!

Thank you veeeeeeeeery much,

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Two reasons:

The first was that I don't have the time to dedicate to raising a kitten. I spend a lot of time with my cat, but I have him adapt to my routine. I don't think that I want to go through that kitten training stuff.

The more important reason was that I feel really sad about adult cats needing homes. Little cute kittens seem to find homes relatively quickly - my cat was waiting at a kennel for three months for a new home. During that time several batches of kittens were adopted out. So, because I prefer not to have the fuss of a new kitten, I think that I would always take in an older cat. Sam was 5; and missed his family terribly. I will spoil him for the rest of his life to make up for the fact that he was given away.
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Yep, it is that "feeling sorry" for the poor older cats who do get left in the shelters when all the cute kittens are adopted. It is more of a challenge to give a home to an older cat, and somewhat more satisfying when they decide that they do trust you and settle down. Saying that, Kali was only with the RSPCA for 2 weeks, and Moogie only for a week before they came home with us.

Natalie, are you writing a book?
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Kittens chew plants, electrical cords, anything they can find... they go through the midnight racing tearing through the house, across furniture, up and down walls or even legs! They will need to be spayed/neutered and all the shots.
Adult cats are more mellow, already house broken, only need shots once a year, are usually fixed, and aren't teething! Older cats are less likley to become ill and are less likley to be stepped on.
Anyway that is my opinion!
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When I adopted my cats I wasn't really in the market for a cat but I fell in love with their personality and decided that I had room for one more....

Kittens are too much work than I care to bother with. I love them to pieces but chasing them around making sure they weren't in trouble gets old after a while. My cats, although older can still be as silly and fun to watch as kittens but they know when to quit and not to hang from the curtains.
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