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Siamese Catsitting Diaries Day 3

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Well last night went ok. First off I came with my fiance who is a plumber to check on their faucet in the bathroom that keeps running.

I opened the door and there was Boomer, nose to the door. With towel in hand I gently pushed him while saying "back up back up" Which he did very well. He started to meow meow MEOW loudly. I petted him on the head. Alan who stood behind me became Boomers focus. Alan petted him on the head as well but was very cautious. He of course hindered Alan from walking to the bathroom so I had to intervene by distracting him some how. Alan doesn't do well with cats he is not familiar with. He honestly doesn't know what to do. But it worked out ok. I checked the bowls which were not as filled from the morning and I added just a little more.

I went slowly into the living room, turned the TV on for noise, turned on the lamp since it was dark and we began to play. When Alan was done he sat at the couch but Boomer soon ignored me and focused his attention on Alan. Boomer did his raspy meow and tried to get on his lap to smell him. Alan wasn't sure what to do so I called out to Boomer who listens very well to his name and comes when you call him. I pulled out the string and we resumed play time.

Then it was time to clean the liter box. I got up, cleaned the box and then came back to the living room. Boomer began his walking in front of me and then the loud raspy MEYRRRRRRRR, he collapsed on the floor in front of me, then lunged at my ankles and hissed loudly. I stopped walking of course and went to the floor. Continued play time and then stopped when he walked away. I sat on the floor up against the bottom of the couch and watched a little TV. Here comes Boomer and now he wants to climb on my lap. I did nothing and let him get situated. We did this last year and he laid on my lap very nicely and quietly. But I did notice, he was watching my hand. The hand that was in his view. Didn't think anything of it but with the other hand, which was behind him I used to stroke his head. He liked that. He then put his head down and relaxed. I stayed in that position for about 20 or so minutes as I watched The Last Samuri on TV.

After awhile I resumed play with him. Then he stopped again and left the room to go eat his kibbles and bits. Well, it was now getting late and I had to go to bed. So I figured it was about time to leave. I was able to stay with him about an hour and a half. Here comes Boomer again and I had to tell him it was time for bed for me. I explained I had to leave and I would be back in the morning to check on him. Seems like the more I talked, the more he meowed. I am now sitting on the side of my hip with my knees bent to the side. I began petting him on the head with one hand but had the other hand on my lap. He continued to meow but I did not notice right off the bat that he was staring at my hand and his tail began whipping back and forth. Then I made the mistake. I moved my hand over and he lunged. He lunged and bit my harm and hissed but because I came prepared for anything he did not break skin or anything. He just startled me. So on that note I ended the night and he laid there on the floor as I waved good bye and told him that I would be back.

This morning he was happy to see me but gave me a little hassle at the door when it was time for me to leave. But overall he was good this morning. I still don't know what to think about the biting issue. This is what the couple warned me about. I wonder if I should bring a long stuffed toy or something he can focus on when he attacks like that in case he does not let go of me. I let my hand and arm go limp and let him finish his biting and then moved my legs with my limp arm still on them. I now know when he is looking at the one arm that isn't doing anything to not move it at all. But I'm so curious as to what is in his little head.

As is our little Boomer:
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WOW sounds like it's starting to improve! When he starts biting- tell him NO BOOMER THAT HURTS! and stop playing with him. Trust me they do understand after being told a few times! ohhh also did you remember the treats? Keep us posted Cute pic
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What a pretty boy!

When my cat was a kitten he was terrible about biting hard. These threads have reminded me how much work it took to get him to play nice (totally different situation, but still.) It was a fun trip down memory lane! The little guy is going on 8 now!
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How old is the kitty? Is he actually a kitten?

I don't have advice but I want to say that I think you are one incrediable cat-sitter to put up with such a sassy kitty.

I also wonder if he wouldn't do better at a boarding place. The "cat hotel" near me lets the kitties out of their "condos" (really more like closets with windows and perches) and plays with them at least three times a day. Maybe he'd feel better if someone was around most of the day.

It is so tough to leave the kitties home alone....
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Originally Posted by meow meow View Post
How old is the kitty? Is he actually a kitten?

I also wonder if he wouldn't do better at a boarding place. The "cat hotel" near me lets the kitties out of their "condos" (really more like closets with windows and perches) and plays with them at least three times a day. Maybe he'd feel better if someone was around most of the day.

It is so tough to leave the kitties home alone....
That's a good idea. I've cared for some dogs where I've suggested to the owners that the dog would be better off being boarded. If the animal just needs a ton of attention then a pet sitter is not necessarily in their best interest.
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That may work with some cats. But, with me personally I would never put PHX in a boarding place. See he came from a animal shelter, so I think he would feel like I'm abondoning him like he has been in the past I assume. I think that in her situation with Boomer, he's lonely and confused and she's actually spending quite a bit of time with him. IMO if you just stick him in boarding it will be worse because he doesn't know anyone there, where in this situation he already knows the cat sitter. Some cats are just picky! keep at it!
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Thank you for the compliment by the way. My friends who have cats have told me I have the patients of a saint which, actually, I really do.

I just want to learn more about him and try and hopefully fix what is wrong. I wish I could do mental telepathy with him and he could just tell me what's the story. Boy would we talk.

Anyway, I kind of disagree about sending your kitty off to the boarding place. Well I guess I'm really on the fense about that part only because cats like their space, their home, their territories, their things. And taking them out of their environment will make things more difficult for them. Dogs seem to be better at it from what I've seen in my girlfriends dogs. They actually love where they go and sometimes don't want to come home. It's actually kind of funny.

Yes, Boomer is a pretty kitty and a good boy as I keep telling him over and over and over again.

I'm wearing the same clothes every time and keeping my clothes in the bathroom with the door shut. Trying not to mix too many smells. Maybe Boomer is reacting to my kitties smells.

Two pairs of socks, tights from when I come home from work, jeans, sweatshirt and towel. Hehehehe

I'm Ready Boomer!!!!! LOL
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I don't know how much Boomer loves you, but I think you are awesome. He (and his owners) are lucky to have you.
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Aw, Boomer is such a handsome boy!! I think you're doing a great job! and Meezers are notorious talkers, he probably enjoys his conversations with you even though neither of you have any idea what the other is saying and as for the biting, I agree, a really loud OW!!!! and don't do that!! can work wonders, I have a kitty that's a biter, but she doesn't hardly do it anymore after I hollered at her enough times
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Awwww shucks!
Thanks guys. That really means a lot to me. I'm really trying. And all I hope for is that I don't lose a limb. But I already know, he's my little buddy.
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I agree with the others you are doing a great job
I expect he is telling all he has been doing while you were out
Tolly just came and shouted at me because DH had given them tuna cat food for tea and he does not like Tuna, and it was all my fault, and what was I going to do about it
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Tuna for tea! That's awesome. I'm all-American but I think I'll start taking tea and serving my cats too. I think that sounds like a lot of fun!
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My cats are Terribly British and like afternoon tea, preferably with scones and cream
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I LOVE IT!!!!!
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