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Does your cat?

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Try to groom you? Tavia is always trying to groom me she acts like I have fleas on my head and will sit sniffing of my head and picking through my hair. It gives me cold chills. And she does it alot.
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God yes! Nollee puts me in a head lock and starts cleaning the hair on my head and eating it... I know I need a haircut but geeze! She does this when I am sleeping! She also licks my cheeks and lips! But she loves to clean my ears the most! What a bugger!
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heyu, will grooms my chin which is where my goatee is,
my Rb kitty would groom your hair, your arm any place you held still long enough for her to lick
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Sassy loves to groom my hair when it is wet. As soon as I sit down in my armchair after I have washed my hair he is up on the back trying to dry it.
Luckily I have very short hair and it dries quickly because he is quite persistent about the whole thing.
I figure he thinks I am just another weird looking big cat because he does the same thing to my other cat when it is wet from it's bath.
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Spike doesn't groom us, but Oz certainly does! In the mornings, he'll come in, jump up on the bed, and pin J's head down so that he can forcibly groom his chin and forehead. He doesn't do it to me, just J. (I get more gentle grooming from Oz.) He's very ... determined ... about it.
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No, none of my cats have ever done that to me. That's kind of cute though.
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LOL Summer does this. She particularly like my forehead. She will lick my hands when she's being petted sometimes. She has lickd my face to wake me up before.....and it worked. She also LOVES washing Chevy's face and earsand will sometimes pin him down to do this....what a weirdo!
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Bella is the groomer here but she rarely grooms ur hair! But that is just too cute!
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Cassi is grooming obsessed, she grooms everyone.
It is much better she do that than the overgrooming she used to do to herself.

When Spaz was younger she was fascinated by facial hair, she'd groom every man's face she came into contact with and try to remove any facial hair she found.
Not all of my guy friends were amused by this.
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Yes, he tries to exfoliate my face!
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PHX will suck on my hair if its wet. He will try to pick through my hair when it's dry and I'll let him a couple times but then I make him stop because it gives me goose bumps.

Also, I had my hair in all braids and I woke up at like 2 in the morning and he was laying above my head sucking on the beads in my hair.... awww! he did that like a dozen times in the matter of a couple days- so I just took them out.. Even though it was soooo cute
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Alley used to groom me all the time. Any place she could reach, lol.
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Lucky used to bit my butt and shoulder when I would get out of the shower. He doesn't do that now that we live with DH. LOL I swear he thought he was my boyfriend and not my kitty.

Connor massages my mom's head. He even pushes her head around for the best angles.

Molly licks DH's hair. She just loves his styling products.
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