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The Cat and the Cave! What's the deal?

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Im sure Im not alone but I must know what the obsession is! Everynight while I am sleeping both of my cats fiend to go under the covers (they will either meow, paw me, or try to pull the covers back themselves). This I don't understand... It's dark in under there, extremely hot, and stuffy I am sure! I literally have to lift the covers up and let them crawl inside! Im suprised one of them hasn't been smushed during our tossing and turning activities! What is the fasination?
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Some kitties just like it, the same as some people sleep completely covered and others find it stifling. I guess if they don't find it claustrophobic, it's warm and cuddly.

In our house, it's mostly only George who likes to sleep under blankets. He doesn't need our help to get underneath, though...he's figured out how to do it himself so he can sleep under blankets when we're not there. Addie has done it on occasion, but she's more fickle about her sleeping habits and hasn't done it for a while. Sam prefers to sleep on the lower end of the bed, taking up all the space where you would normally put your feet, but on top of the blankets. Lola is too nervous to sleep on the bed at all, let alone trapped under a blanket. The odd time she lays down with you, she'll bolt as soon as you move at all (she thinks you're coming to get her or something....she has an awful fear of being restrained due to having to be pilled most every day when she was a kitten).
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Awww what cuties! Tiger likes to go under the covers and take up all the space at the end of the bed (when he is ontop of the covers)! Nollee likes to lay on my feet, legs, or wherever else she can fit in! I always get paranoid that they can't breathe under there!
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Awww cats are just silly! I think maybe they feel safe and protected under there.
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Thats fine as long as they can breathe! I know I wouldn't want to be under there, but it beats Nollee sleeping on my face lol! She has to be close to her mama!
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my cats do that...then decide once you've lifted the cover they really don't want to go under!
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Yes lol! Nollee does that and Tiger! Sometimes they beg to go under and once you lift the cover they turn away! Or they go under and decide they want to come out right away!
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Lol!! My last cat I had 'bless her beautiful soul' she use to ask to come under the blankets, but she would stretch out with her legs pointing down to mine and would have her head resting on my arm if I was sleeping on my side...
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Aww that is sweet! Nollee likes to rest her head on my arm too and have her nose touch mine! Just love kitties!
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Snowball likes to get under the covers during the winter months. I think it helps him feel all warm and comfortable.
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