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Mosi has been my alarm clock for the past year or so, waking me up every day any time between 4am and 5.30am Finally at the age of 16 months and after a week of tough love from me he seems to have turned a corner and it's now been over a week since he did that I still wake up early sometimes (habit I think) but when I do it's not usually anything to do with Mosi. Fingers crossed this continues.
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My boys don't often get to sleep on the bed - partly because Melchett still is not always too friendly towards the babies (I must stop calling them them - they are nearly 2!!!) and we can lie awake all night listening to him hissing and grumbling at them, hence NO sleep, and also because DH is very restless at night anyway, and the cats seem to know they won't get must rest up with us!!!

Normally they sleep downstairs and begin their dawn chorus at about 5.30, singing me awake!!!!

They usually come up on Sunday mornings and we all have breakfast in bed together!!!
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At the exact same time, 4:20, Quill will come into my bedroom, jump on my bed and sit there staring at me. My door is VERY creeky, so that will usually wake me up. If I don't wake up within five minutes he usually paws whatever skin is exposed; usually my hand or my fingers, or he might be starting a little love fest by licking me unto death . If I don't wake up by then he will start chirping at me. If I'm half asleep still everytime I close my eyes he will keep chirping until I give him a good solid skritch on his neck and shoulders. Then he'll usually settle in at the foot of my bed and sleep until the sun comes up .... that's my boy
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My cat's are not my alarm clock, they would just lay with me all day if I wanted, but now my dog's are jumping on me at 6am every morning..Ugggg.
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My furry alarm clock wakes me up by dropping toys on my head and then batting at them until they end up under me, and the procedes to dig for them. I got up one day last week with EVERY toy on or around me. A couple of them had been dunked in the water bowl too!!
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Originally Posted by lookingglass View Post
Now now... don't ask for 8-Bit unless you are willing to give up:

1. Your bathmat (that goes inside the litter box don't you know!)
2. Any bags of flour you may have on hand.
3. Any fresh fruit

I'd also not recommend making a tuna sandwhich... he's gotten a little mean when a not so nice repair man tried to take one away from him.
I think those arrangements could be made! He's soo sweet!!! and shame on that repair man for trying to take his sandwish away! I hope 8-bit poped him upside the nose!
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