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A message from Tavia

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Meowmy is so mean to me. I started to jump up on her desk and meowmy moved her arm and knocked me down.. She says it was an accident. But I know she did it on purpose. And it hurt my feelings meowmy doesn't want me up there anymore. She knew I was fixing to jump and moved her arm right into my pathway. And so now I am not talking to meowmy.
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Oh poor Tavia! you have a big hug from Uncle Rigz!
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now now, i am sure that is not true tavia,
why dont you try it again,and see
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Bad Meowmy, bad Meowmy.... All Tavia wanted to do was spend some quality time with you.
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I feel for ya, Tavia. The other day I was going to jump on a stack of papers on the computer desk and my meowmy used the most awful voice and said no! She was so sure I would dump all those papers.

Did I tell about the time meowmy hit me with her cane as I walked in front of her?
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Okay Bruce I tried as you said and she did pet me but she would not share her dr pepper. Why won't she share her dr pepper. And she would not let me play with her angel pin she said it has a sticky part that could hurt me. But I know the truth she just wants to be selfish. See I told you meowmy is mean.
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cause dr pepper is bad for cute kitties, it will burn your nose, and make cat food stick to your teeth. how about you try to nibble on her ear?
my kitties like to do that to me.
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Dont feel bad tavia, our meowmy moved me off of her neck this morning and then she was doing school work and kicked me off of the computer 3 times! She claims she has some major project due but who cares, we want some attention and we want her to stop giving the attention to school (It worked for 9 weeks so far )
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Sibohan says "My Meowmy did that to me last night, try climbing up the back of her arm with all claws extended, that will teach her who's desk it is. I mean what is she thinking!"
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Right now I am getting ready to lay down on meowmy's bed but I have to share with the dogs. And Macy is so stinky why can't dogs bath theirselves. Well meowmy gave me extra cuddles so I guess it makes her a good meowmy again.
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Viola says" My Meowmy doesn't appreciate my waking her up by sticking my butt in her face. I was just trying to be friendly. It is my best side."
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Trout says: "Awwww my mom is mean too..sometimes she blocks me from jumping on her lap when she is tying her shoes...Doesn't she realize I don't want her to go to work? Duh!!"
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