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Opposite Personalities

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How different are your cat's personalities? Molly and Polly are from the same litter but both appearance wise and personality wise are soo different.
Molly is beautifully elegant and regal. She poses and grooms herself all the time. She is very sweet and has a teensy delicate meow.
Polly is another story. Also gorgeous. She is clumsy and falls off chairs, when she grooms herself she messes up her fur and has a loud, demanding meow.
I love them both more than I can say and I especially love seeing them so bonded yet so different.
Are your cats so very different too?
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lol heyu gets scared of her own shadow,
eazy is in your face, and into everything, and thinks everyone is supposed to love him and pet him
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George and Addie are litter siblings.

George just keeps growing and growing. He rarely meows, but will growl to show he doesn't want to share a toy. He has a LOT of energy and runs around. He plays fetch and will drop the "ball" (a balled up piece of paper) right into your hand.

Addie is small and has stopped growing at a skinny 5lbs. She meows constantly....she's doing it right now, in fact! lol She prefers to lounge around and try to cuddle the dog, and isn't much for bolting around the house like her brother. She has no interest in playing fetch.

Both of them are VERY affectionate, especially toward my boyfriend and I. They are all about head butting and flopping into your lap.
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I have two that are siblings... Leo and Daisy. Both are really very alike in their personalities, loving and friendly but soooo active and get into EVERYTHING. Daisy is much more affectionate and Leo is very much a boy!
We've raised all of them except for Stanford and Sasha from tiny kittens, so they are all very affectionate and used to be handled a lot but the boys are definitely more independent in general than the girls and the boys like to rough house and get into EVERYTHING, the girls are generally quieter and like to lay around and snuggle. Tabitha is the one exception to that, our biggest kitten, she is definitely a tomboy! lol
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oh boy oh boy here we go
well you can see who is who in my signature
Bentley the big tux boy a very cat oriented cat(also mama's boy) food rage, friendly in general. loves kissing the other cats and me but will bite when hungry.
Jenny the greyish cat....very pretty sweet loving mostly but goes crazy and chomps all over you when to ralled up and doesn't like the other cats (except Bentley).
Cesar.......siamese(ish)sweet hansome boy...very dopey though and does lots of these dopey things often to the point you are laughing so hard you tear up (also a mama's boy)and very picky about what cats he will be friends with.
Zoey (black smoke color) very pretty sweet gentle loves every one, everything...yet very playful when ya get her going.
Nuit. Mostly all black. Doesn't like much, not the cats sometimes me. only gets happy when she is in the bathroom with you. In the shower or brushing your teeth she will jump on the toilet & sink & purr and only then!
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Well my 2 boys are littermates and, as you can see, couldn't look more different. They're both very affectionate though and LOVE to snuggle. Pekoe is more demanding for attention, and every morning will come in to wake me up for snuggles. Nigel is more polite, but once he hears me yelling at Peek to stop trying to eat my hair, will come by for his own snuggles. Nigel is very timid and skiddish around people he doesn't know, whereas Peek will be best friends with you the second he lays eyes on you. Nigel plays more aggressively than Pekoe (lots of funny growls coming out of him), and Pekoe is generally more relaxed and easygoing than Nigel is. Nigel is very inquisitive and loves to try and figure things out, like how EXACTLY the water comes out of the tap, but Pekoe is more interested in just playing with the water and not trying to figure things out.

In my mind, they're a perfect pair. Pekoe helps Nigel to be less afraid and more confident, and Nigel helps keep Pekoe out of trouble.
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The only way they are simular is they both like to play fight!
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