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Nose Cancer.

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Hi to all,
I have a very old cat. He is 21 and in very good health generally. In 2004 he had a tumour on his nose. He is a fine ginger and white specimen with a typical white cat nose. In oct 2006 he was run over and recovered from very long surgery to rebuild him. Since then he has been a house cat. Not a particulary willing house cat but nevertheless he developed another tumor in March of this year. A couple of weeks ago he had another little piece of his nose removed but saw the vet yesterday as I suspect the tumour is not all gone. He is to go back in a week as the vet says it could be just bruised around the stitching but if no improvment he will have to have most of his nose off and only end up with one nostril.

I just wandered if anyone elses mog has had this procedure and if so how have the coped with most of the nose missing.
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Oh my goodness i'm so sorry I've never heard of anyone here who's been in a similar situation, but please let us know what happens when the vet looks at him again.

I hope it doesn't have to come down to that though He isn't in any pain is he?
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Pebbles had pre-cancerous scabs on her nose, they were dealt with using steroid injections, but I decided that if they hadn't worked, I wouldn't put her through that operation - there are a few side effects, and my vet had read an article that week, and said that with the side effects she had read, she wouldn't even recommend the operation. But it is your choice - I would think of the affect it would have on a a cat of that age with everything else he has gone through though.
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Thanks for quick responses.
Rosiemac, He doesn't seem to be in any pain at all. He recovered very quickly from his last op but that was just a few minutes. I believe if he needs it the next one will be half an hour.

booktigger, I will definately research the affect on him before agreeing. The vet says apart from looking odd and feeling a bit strange for him at first he should have no problems but I am keen to check out that this is actually the case before putting him through further surgery. Obviously we don't care what he looks like but if I thought this would distress and cause him further health issues I wont put him through it. I am keeping it all crossed that he is just a bit bruised from surgery still and further surgery won't be necessary. i will keep you informed.
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I really hope it is just bruising, but as hard as this is for you it's lovely to hear that you won't put him through any distress

Sending your baby ((((((((((MEGA HEALTHY VIBES)))))))))))
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I am trying to remember what the vet said - there was definitely some sinus issues, and I can't think of what else, it is nearly a year ago now. Good luck though, and glad to hear that you will only do it if it is the best thign for him. Regarding looks - I had had to have Pebbles leg amputated, and that was fine, I Wanted that before the vet did, but I couldnt have gone through with teh nose!!
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I hope your boy won't need more surgery - he's been through so much already. Surgery is stressful even for a strong,young cat let alone a 21 year old.

If surgery is deemed necessary though, please ask your vet for pain meds (which I hope your cat had for his previous surgery). Some vets are reluctant to give pain meds, but most realize that there are situations where they are vital to help the cat recover. I would think that surgery done on such a sensitive area as the nose would warrant several days of pain medication. Remember that cats are quite good at masking pain and distress. Because they are so stoic they can lead us to believe that they're fine even when they're actually in pain.

All the best to you and your very special boy - please let us know how he's doing.
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Thank you you are right and that is one thing that really bothers me about putting him through it. Last time he only had pain relief on the day of surgery and the vet assured us he would only be feeling a but of irritation. I am almost sure he was in pain. He couldn't get comfy and reminded me of me after my Hyster op. Fortunately he seemed better after a day but if I do decide surgery is the way to go I will insist he has pain relief.
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Sorry to read this. I don't know much about nose cancer in cats Im afraid but when I read this thread I just wanted to pass on my best wishes and better health vibes to you and your cat.
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Thanks for the good wishes. They are much appreciated. Its nice to correspond with people who appreciate exactly how special our furry friends are.
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Originally Posted by minxie View Post
Sorry to read this. I don't know much about nose cancer in cats Im afraid but when I read this thread I just wanted to pass on my best wishes and better health vibes to you and your cat.
Snowball and I are sending our best wishes also. You said your cat had a tumor on his nose in 2004, so if this is cancer again, apparently it is a very nonaggressive form??????

Good luck and please let us know what the vet says after the next visit.
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He had a small piece of his nose removed in 2004 and thankfully no reoccurance until last month. However if the tumour has returned so soon after removal this time it could be a more aggressive form than the last. I'm still hoping its merely bruising from his op but will let everyone know.
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He has his appointment tomorrow and i'm really confused any advise would be appreciated. My husband thinks that I am giving up on him if we don't have surgery and thinks he will bounce back fine like he always has. I'm not sure that he understands just how old he is. Having said that If you met him you would probably not believe he was 21. He thinks we should make our decision based on what his vet says and not his years. I suppose what i'm asking is how many people have know a cat to live much longer than 21 and if so how much longer. I really don't want his last weeks to be traumatic and painful.
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I'm putting myself in your position right now, and if it were me i would be writing down any questions to ask the vet just like what you've said there.

I really feel your pain right now, all of you
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I personally wouldnt' do it, and I dont think it is giving up on him by saying no. Part of my reasoning is his age, 21 is a very good age for a cat, and one that not a lot of them see (I only adopt oldies, and 15 has been my maximum, 14 is the average for mine), so I personally wouldn't put him through this kind of op. The other part of my reasoning is that I have been through a similar situation, albeit for pre-cancerous nasal scabs, and my vet wouldn't recommend it for my 11 year old cat due to the side effects of it, so unless it is done or viewed differently where you are compared to where I am, then I wouldn't, but it should be done in conjunction with your vet. Good luck with your decision.
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Have brought him home now to spoil him silly until the tumour effects his quality of life. The vet said he'd be inclined to avoid the surgery more because it would put a strain on his kidneys. I guess my thinking is that he could potentially start to develop all kinds of health problems which would cause him pain. How do you say goodbye to your oldest friend?
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Fingers crossed you get a lot of quality time with him. I am glad that the vet has advised against it. He may develop further health issues, but he may not, just take one day at a time and cherish it. It is never easy, but it is easier if you know it is coming, and you can make sure you get to give them loads of love and fuss. WE are all here if you need a shoulder during this difficult time.
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