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4-year-old's Birthday Wish List Includes Pet Food For Shelter!

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I'm not sure which forum this belongs in. I found it on another site and it's such a good story...

November 2002

NavalL Station ROTA, Spain - Some girls ask for Barbie dolls, games or other toys for their birthday.

Jordan Plummer, 4, asked her pint-sized birthday party guests this year to bring something different: pet food.

In lieu of gifts, Jordan and her parents asked people to bring a donation of food, toys and treats for dogs and cats at the base animal shelter.

She collected nearly 70 pounds of dog food, 15 pounds of cat food and 11 pounds of kitty litter for the Rota Animal Welfare League.

"She’s been getting and getting and getting," Jordan’s mother, Danielle Plummer, said. "We wanted to teach her it’s also nice to give."

Jordan and her parents delivered the goods to the no-kill animal shelter, a nonprofit organization that takes care of stray dogs and cats.

This is the second time Jordan has asked for and received pet-food donations for her birthday. Last year, she asked her friends to donate to the animal shelter on Okinawa, where the Plummers were last stationed.

Jordan’s father, Marine Capt. Clay Plummer, is a military lawyer stationed in Rota.

Although each of Jordan’s 25 friends brought some sort of pet donation this year, she received many of the toys she wanted, her parents said.

She got some Barbie toys and the Wizard of Oz on video.

Her family in the United States sent so many gifts that "it was like Christmas morning" on Jordan’s birthday.

"They really spoiled her," Danielle Plummer said.

Jordan’s parents chose the animal shelter because they thought their daughter would have a better understanding where the donations were going.

Plus, her mother said, Jordan loves animals.

Clay and Danielle Plummer, who also have an 18-month-old daughter named Jessica, said asking for friends to bring donations instead of gifts might become a tradition in the family.

"We want to teach them that the best gift is the gift of giving," Clay Plummer said.
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Oh that is so sweet I'm sure the rescue centre was very greatful!! And what a good thing to encourage in children
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What a great idea! What a wonderful trait to develop in a child.
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Stories like these just renew your faith in people! Close friends of ours have twins, who on their 7th birthday decided to donate everything they received for their birthday to an orphange, and they notified everyone prior to the party. It was not prompted by the parents, who said "I don't know WHERE they got that from!" How wonderful is that (of the little girls, anyway!!!!! )
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What a wonderful story ! I wish more parents would encourage thier kids to do that!
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That is wonderful. What a great way for parents to teach their children about giving being even better than getting. I wish more would do this.
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