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introducing cat w/ vision problems to another cat...

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Hello! I have had a cat for a number of years. She used to live with two boy cats, and while they got along for a while, they soon started fighting all the time, leaving her scared in my room most of the time. Anyways, my girlfriend and I moved away and took her with me. She was very happy to live on her own and lived that way for over a year.

My girlfriend wanted to get another cat, and so she brought home a 1 year old boy. We adopted him from the local petco, and we told them we had a cat at home, and was looking for a mellow cat, who we felt would be a better match for our cat at home. We found one who they assured us was mellow, and would be a good match,

Anyways, we brought the cat home and after a vet visit, we soon found out he had cataracts! He cat get his way around fine, but I he has a problem with our cat. It's only been about a week and our girl cat still doesn't like him. She'll come out of the bedroom, but when he gets near her, she hisses and swats at him. He will occasionally swat back, but it doesn't seem like he will attack her first. In fact, it seems like he's scared of her. He's curious, but he's cautious. When he knows she's near he will try to come up close to her. The problem is, he can't see. He hears her coming or scratching, and he runs right to her scaring her. Or sometimes he just runs right into her when she isn't making any sound because he doesn't see her.

I know this might be a lot of info, but If anyone has any info on how to get these two to get along would be great.
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I have a "vision challenged" kitty, too. Intros are hard to start with....but with a vision impaired kitty it just gets more "fun"! My suggestion is to read the threads & stickies about intros. This will take awhile....possibly months.

I purr-sonally think they're going to have to get used to each other scents...then maybe try to let them "see" each other....then go from there. The eyesight issue makes things a little more tricky!
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aww, bless the little fella

Whitecatlover has given some great advice, intros are an important time, we are going through the same with a young cat which we have only had for about 8 weeks and we are still working on some 'issues' not sight related.

So I think it is still early days, it will be all very new for both your kitties and they will need time to get to know & accept each other

Keep us posted
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