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Pet me! *WHAM!*

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Does anyone else have a cat who when they want to be petted they literally hurl themselves to the ground?

Reeses does this all the time. She'll either chase us, cut us off and then flop on to her side so you have no choice to pet her. Or she'll just be sitting there, and let gravity take over and tip over pretty forcefully to the ground. Sometimes she hits the ground so hard I can hear it in the other room (she is getting alittle pudgier, therefore added mass)
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Try walking once with Damita around & don't step on her. It's like walking in a mine field!

Lily....she just likes to hurl herself at you & warp her paws around both your legs...because then you fall so as not to hurt the princess & she gets petted!
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Reeses will do a zig-zag motion while stretching her back legs as she walks in front of you to make sure you can't get by. She also has a habit of walking in front of you and she'll abruptly stop and do the stretch where she sticks her butt in the air and her front paws far out flat in front of her. THEN she flops
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YES! Our Sassy is a calico Maine Coon mix, weighs about 15 pounds. When she sees my mom coming, she tilts her head sideways and just keeps rolling with it, FLOP onto her side -- and then she stretches up one little white paw and mews the most plaintive little plea... it's impossible to refuse her!
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Gordito does a somersault right onto your feet as you walk. It's very dangerous.

Orion will weave inbetween your legs as you walk.. but with several of cats at the rescue doing this to me daily, I think I have mastered it. Until they trick you and go the wrong way.
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Patches is like or petting. She just about body slams herself to the floor.

Whitey's cute about it, if he does go to the floor, he'll do a somersault to get there.
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awww, thats sounds so cute, you´ll have to get a video of it .......... I wanna see that
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When me and my bf are sitting on the couch Alan our kitty comes and walks on the back of the couch behind us and just flops down and rolls of onto us Its sooo funny. Then he just lays there getting all the attention he wants, hehehe. He did it once though and scratched my head by accident Bless him
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O my goodness, both my girls do it - and I feel so badly for Sophie, because she always does it when I am NOT paying attention and I trip over her - it dopesn't help that she is black and always seems to choose my navy blue rug to sprawl out on!
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Polly makes sure she gets petted. She'll jump in front of me or on my lap and roll over or give loud, demanding meows to make sure I pay attention to her. I can't count how many times I've woken up sleeping on my side with a Polly on my shoulder or hip and meowing in my ear to feed her or get petted.
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My sister had a cat who would plop in front of anyone in hopes of a belly rub. He had such a fuzzy belly to rub, too!
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Awww that sounds so cute. Tavia will roll over when you are petting her and hold one little foot up wanting a belly rub
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Yep, our Iris (the white and orange one) does it ALL THE TIME!
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Lucky does this. He also flops on my lap when I am not looking. He has a new thing where he tries to sit on my neck when I am at the pc. My neck is in constant pain. LoL

Mom's kitty Connor does this but he will run if you try to pet him. He is so weird.
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PHX will slam his head into your head and that means "pet me" and sometimes it really hurts!! or when your walking he will run right in front of your path. I have stepped on his tail like twice now and I'm really careful to step over him. But he's getting used to that and now when I step over him he grabs my ankles
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Oh yes!! Trout does this immediately once I get home from work...She slams herself onto the floor so fast..and then rolls around so that I have full access to her furry belly
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