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A quick question about steriods

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A quick question I took Cammie yesterday for a shot of Steroids and they did the Hydration while she was there, I know what the steroids are for but she does not seem to feel as good today as she has the last 2 days does it sometimes make them feel crappy before the make them feel better, she has not eaten much today and seems kinda lethargic, unless I am just looking for something as usual, she still wants to get DA BIRD though I know they are going to have there ups and downs. Thanks for any information
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I'm not sure, I think with these things side effects can vary quite a bit. Those shots have always had a very positive almost immediate effect on Beandip. I can't recall my other experiences with them.

There is a patient information sheet here...it's for all veterinary corticosteroids, injectable or oral. It says it can cause diarrhea and vomiting so maybe she has a tummyache.


I think I would call the vet and tell them what you're seeing. I hope she feels better soon.
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I agree to call the vet. Twitch had quite a few steroid shots....they actually should increase thirst & appetite. However....Twitch's last steroid shot made her sicker than all get out....she essentially refused to eat/drink much until it wore off.
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Call the vet ... Gigi has been on steroids and she ate and drank ALOT
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Well I am sure there are different kinds of steriods but she does have the CRF so i just wondered, so I am going to call them tomorrow, it seems she does feel better this evening that's why I asked if they seemed to not feel to grand maybe the day after. I will call them tomorrow morning...Thanks much
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I've got lots of experiences with steroids and my gang, unfortunately.

In my experience, steroids can definitely make your kitty lethargic--especially at high doses. It's also been my experience that it takes 1-2 days for the cat to respond to the steroids & feel better from whatever issue is going on. That being said, though, please do call your vet & let them know what you're seeing so they're aware of it.

Good Luck!
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Yes.. steroid shots made my baby lethargic as well, but like Beandip said, the results where pretty instant.
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My cat just got a steroid shot for food allergies - skin doing much better, but he is just a little bit lethargic and purring/sitting on me less than before. Eating/drinking/peeing/pooping like normal (thank goodness!!!!!) - but I wanted to see if this slight behavior change was experienced by other people/cats. Any insights would be most helpful!
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