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I buy tiny little cheap trash bags and scoop into those. Then twist closed and knot the top, and the smell's sealed into the bag. Once a day is enough with only two cats. I make it part of my evening routine, before I go to bed; otherwise I'm pretty sure I'd forget!

Baby came from a house with three cats and one litter box. Their owner told me she refused to use the litter box. Here, either she or Tiny had one accident--total--since I got them; and that was before I got the third box, so Tiny couldn't block Baby from using a box by sitting in the doorways.

Wanna bet they didn't clean the box at her old home?
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One cat, one large enclosed box, scoop once or twice per day.
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I have always done the same thing. i scoop once a day or every other day it really depends on how i feel that day. then i completely dump the litter and scrub the pan once a month. Monster always has to supervise when his box is being scooped. he will even jump in it and go while im scooping lol. and he ALWAYS has to dirty it again right after i finish scooping. He is my only cat and i have one box for him, in my room. I know that he should have more than one, and im trying to convince my bfs mom that i need to put one downstairs. however, Monster will always make it to the box- he has never gone outside of the box and i want to keep it that way, which is mainly why i keep it clean. another is that it is in my bedroom and for obvious reasons i dont want it to stink.. when my friends come over and are in my room, its pretty obvious that the box is there, its in plain sight but i have asked if they can smell it, and everyone says no- and i have honest friends so i kno they arent just saying that to spare my feelings.

My moms cat had elimination problems that started after she had my brother. (i was 16 when she had him, now im 21). My mom is a neat freak and she NEVER EVER went a day with out scooping Peppers box. and even though she uses clumping litter, she still switched it out once a week and scrubbed it. we tried everything to help her use the box again, moving it to the spot she was going in.. (upstairs, it seemed like she was in a way hiding from the baby) checking her for health problems, switching brands of litter, literally everything. i thought maybe it was an attention thing, being jealous of the baby or something but according to my mom she paid the same amount of attention to pepper as she had always done before the baby was born. i moved out and a few years later my mom told me she was taking her to the humane society bc she couldnt deal with her going right in front of the box all the time, and they wound up euthanizing her bc she hated people and wouldnt let them examine her io cried to my mom and begged her not to do it i even asked my mom to give her to me but she said she couldnt let me take her knowing what she would do... i felt so sad and so angry at her for doing that i could never get rid of monster
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I have 1 cat and a covered box and I scoop 1x a day and then change it completely about every 5-7 days. It only smells when it's *right* after she poops. Only problem is she poops after I go to bed and I'm not going to wake up in the middle of the night to scoop, and then in the morning I'm usually in such a rush that it doesn't happen until I get home. So then it sits there for maybe 12 hours and even though the smell goes away, it's gross that it's still there. I'm gonna have to start scooping in the morning I guess.

A friend of mine keeps her litter box in her bathroom and it's not covered so you see everything. Whenever I go to use her bathroom not only is there litter everywhere from the cat messing with it but there is probably 4-5 days worth of poop. It's *so* gross. I'm surprised that cat isn't going elsewhere...
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I have had one of my cats for 7 some-odd years, and I still cannot clean the litter box. Sure, there have been times where I've been home alone and forced to, but I have such a touchy gag reflex I just can't do it. So, my husband has been permanently delegated to that duty.

The only real problem we've had in the past with litterbox cleanliness is the fact that my husband apparently has a faulty nose. The litterbox can be sitting right next to him and he won't smell it. So, to solve that problem, we moved the litter box from his office, to the entryway, which is near my recliner. Since I have a very sensitive nose , and can SEE and hear when they use the litterbox, my cats are much much happier.

Course I have to run for cover when they drop a bomb...
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We have one 5 month old currently using the box. I'm at home most of the day so I scoop straight away after he poops and usually check the box through if i've been out. It's next to the toilet so I just flush it. We have cheapy cat litter so I turn the litter over constanly and sprinkle with bicarbonate of soda with really helps and change/clean the pan completly about every 12 days or so. I use those litter box liners so it's really easy.
I haven't really noticed any pee smells, I don't know if thats because of the bicarb or because he's still young? He was also just neutered yesterday, maybe that going to help?

I don't understand how people who never clean out the box can stand the smell themselves leave alone how the poor kitties must feel!

Thanks and licks...x
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I scoop out the litterbox at LEAST twice a day, and usually more like 4 times. It is in our bathroom and it is easy enough to check it every time I am in there.
I change the litter completely every 2 weeks.

I use a really cheap scoopable litter, I would rather spend the money on her food. I figure the litter is just something we throw away anyway and as long as I am scooping it often it does not matter that it is the cheap stuff.
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I have just one cat. I scoop every morning and sometimes at night if I think about it. We use scoopable (the Sam's Club brand), and since I'm being honest I'll admit that I change the whole box every 2 or 3 weeks or as soon as it starts to stink.
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It's so true, and so sad. The number one reason cats wind up in shelters is litter box problems, and they are entirely the fault of the people. From not checking their medical status to letting the box get dirty, some people just won't address it.

In fact, I admire cats for putting up with so much.

When I had a rescue in my house, we had four main boxes over the basement stairs, not in the house, that only cats could get to, so the dogs stayed out. They got cleaned every day. (And for a while, it was before you could get clumping litter!) There were also boxes in the quarantine rooms which got cleaned every day.

With 10-15 cats, people still couldn't tell from the smell. They would be amazed, because with that many cats, it was obvious we had some.

Now I have three and a Litter Robot, so keeping the box clean is a snap. I think I have three sharing a litter box with no problems because the 'Bot cleans after every use, so each cat gets a clean box every time.
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Bea goes outside in the backyard, so I don't worry about her but my kittens still go in a litter box.
When I first got them I cleaned it as often as 5 times a day! they smelled so bad when they went.
I've since switched them over to a raw diet though and now I clean it once a day. Except now it doesn't smell AT ALL when they go due to raw diet petrified poops so I have to keep it in the bathroom where I'll see it or I'll forget to clean it altogether...
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I scoop all four of our litter boxes everyday. If I don't, there's a smell, and we've tried so hard to keep the house from smelling like cats...

I should completely change out the litter at least once a month, though, and I don't...But that's going to start happening very soon!
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Right now, I *cannot* scoop (pregnant) so DH does it. Without nagging him, he gets it every other day, and we have three litterboxes at this point, so none of them are terrible by that point in time. Nagged, he gets at it once a day.

After the baby comes, I'll probably be scooping it every time I see that there is anything inside that needs scooping out, which basically means "as often as necessary." This is always how I've been when not pregnant.

With three LBs and three cats, we don't have *any* elimination problems with the cats.
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I scoop 2-3x a day...if I'm home and it's been used, I clean it.
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How often do you scoop your clumping litterbox, and how often do you change it completely?

Our litterbox is in our bathroom and I scoop it at least 2 times a day and usually more (like every time I am in the bathroom during the day). And I change it completely every 2 to 3 weeks. I use the cheap target brand scoopable litter, I would rather spend the money on her food and I figured since I scoop so often that it would be okay (and it has).

So I was curious about others litter habits.
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I have been doing it every night. I bought one of those sifting/grated boxes, but it's a mess to clean. Litter everywhere when I'm lifting the grate and pouring the litter back in. Plus it's small, so I can't see it working well for long.

I dump the litter into a plastic bag, tie it off and into the baby's Diaper Champ it goes.

Tonight we picked up a new kitten, bringing our kitty total to 2, so I am thinking I'll pick up a big rolling box for them.
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Know this is an older topic,but think it's disgusting that people are allowed to have cats euthanised for weeing problems,and don't understand how vets can allow it,these are possible behavior issues and they are otherwise healthy-they might not be able to cope with them but someone else will.
Am knew someone who had her pet dog euthanised for pooing in the house,
they rarely ever took him out for walks.
some people really do not deserve to have the company of an animal.

Although do not have any cats inhouse [not allowed them],when at the family home,am always checking the litter tray out of habit and making sure it's perfectly clean,going through every bit to make sure there are no hidden lumps or clumps of litter.
Don't have any problem with doing it at all,Samianther usually ends up missing the tray and splatting the side and floor with her poo,the poor cat wouldn't be on target if the tray was the size of a swimming pool,she tends to run away a lot when she hasn't finished as well,so she drags it all into the room and onto someones knee if they weren't watching.
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That is sad how some people don't clean their cats litter boxes & they wonder why their cat isn't peeing or pooing in that area! That would be like us not flushing the toilet, it would be gross!

We make sure to clean our cats litter boxes everyday. We want our kitties to have clean bathrooms!
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We have 7 litter boxes and I scoop at least 3 times a day. Some times more. But minimum is 3 times. Durning the weekend, when I am home all day, they usually get scooped as often as they are used. (some times 7 times in one day, seems like all I am doing)

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We have two boxes for two cats. Both boxes are scooped at least once a day and sometimes more if someones does something particularly smelly.

Even scooping once a day there seems to be a lot of waste "product". I can't imagine how horrible their boxes would be if it went more than a couple of days
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Peanut has a little litterbox and I really need to either get her a larger one or a 2nd one... for such a small kitten she makes water and stinkies an awful lot! It gets cleaned every day as soon as I get home from work.
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One box (omega paw roll-away large size).
Three cats (3 YO and two kittens ~7 months)
Litter- mix of corn-based and papurr scoop
Scoop- I "roll" the box twice a day, in the morning and at night. I do a fine sifting with a scoop every week.
Top off- I add litter about 1-2 scoops every 2-3 days
Completely clean- About once every 1-2 months, as needed

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Puss gets the scoop every day. If I miss, he has no problem pooping right next to the box, then coming to tell me what he just did. Then he sits on the pool table and watches me clean it up.
I'll admit that I'm pretty cheap. He refused clumping litter/pine litter/ anything else fancy so he gets the cheap brand. When I scoop his poops out, I just put them in a gallon ziplock baggie and seal it until it starts to really smell in there, then I just dump the bag. We use littler liners, so once a week I wrap everything up and toss it.
He was dumped at the pound because he wouldn't use the box. Funny, I don't have the problem.
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i have two cats, but only the new kitten uses a litter box, damian will only go outside. anyway, i scoop max's box 1-2 times a day depending on what's in it. i use a clumping litter and when i do a top off of clean stuff fill it back up from what is missing from the clumping max jumps right in and needs to pee on the new stuff, lol. he's like a baby who waits for a brand new clean diaper to soil it! we also have a box in the basement for the rare occasion when damian would use a box and it just had some cheap stuff in it and max wouldn't use it at all! when i scoop it i use these little bags i found at petsmart. i forget what they are called, but the bags pop up like a baby wipe, i tie it off and toss it, odor gone.
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I do it 3 or 4 times a day, sometimes more. I clean it completely every two weeks. The last litter I used was the walmart brand which is actually pretty good. I scoop whenever I see anything in the box. I want to keep it clean for them.
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We don't have any clumping litter available where I live, so I use the ordinary gravel type litter . I use a liner in the tray and scoop the poop almost as soon as it has happened . I bin the whole lot about every 4 days. The tray is in my bathroom with the window permanently open, so there is no smell.
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hey meow meow that friend of yours that put an 8 year old cat down
for peeing, should not be allowed to have animals, what a lame excuse.
there are other alternatives, adopt out, shelters
maybe a friend, then you also said the litter pan was bad... nice....
some people.
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I either scoop every day or every other day. I clean the whole box at least once a month, usually 3-3.5 weeks. Frisco doesn't complain so I think he's happy.

I know exactly what you mean though! Some people in my family--I'm not saying who they are incase they see this --who don't scoop the litterbox up to one WEEK.
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We have 3 cats and 4 litter boxes. I scoop everyday. On a rare occasion when we are both super super busy, we may forget and miss one day. Never more than one day though.

I totally clean out the boxes every other week in the summer and about once a month in the winter.

A friend of mine has 3 cats and only 1 litter box that they scoop once a week! I can't believe those cats are actually using it all the time but they are.
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I pretty much scoop as I see it as I have a puppy who loves kittiy crunchies LOL
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