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Teddy's at the moment is an empty cardboard egg box, well actually thats a lie, hes in the garden, right this minute, throwing a bug about but that wont last so he'll be back to the egg box

Dino wrestles with the feather duster a lot

Pepsi & Miss Moofi are being a bit precious at the moment and think playing with things is a bit beneath them its a girl thing !!
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Al loves pens, absolutely loves them, when I am writing he thinks that I am playing a game!!! He also loves toes, my bf's dirty socks are popular , knoking the lamp over, and over, and over, and over , and over, and over, and over.........
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Pop bottle caps. Anything that will make noise and fly across the floor.
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Sadie is a cheap date, she likes foil paper balls best.
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The slippers have a fuzzy 'fur' type of strip across the top. Twinkle bats it around, then carries it in her mouth out of the room, she's such a hunter!
Oh yeah, and a big old cheerleader pompom!
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-Dental Floss
-ANYTHING on Colin's dresser or my night stand- no matter how big or small it is- it's game!
-the remote controls
- the dogs tails (quite funny to watch!)
-dog toys- especially rawhides or stuffed animals with squeakers
-the betta- they LOVE to watch Fish TV
- human toes- especially when they wiggle under the covers- apparently they make deliscious snacks at 4am
- toilet paper
-contact cases
-hair ties
-meowmy's favorite shoes!!!! Kojak will drag my slippers and heels ALL over the bedroom if i do not put them up asap
- colin's police badge - It seems to be fitting for Kojak
- my cell phone- jasmine likes to try and eat it along with everything else
- hair brushes, combs
- and the new favorite- Colin's alarm clock! The buttons are on the top of the thing and VERY easy to press- this is Kojak's favorite new toy- he hops on it at all hours in the morning and turns the darn radio/buttons on!!!!! VERY frightening to wake up to or when i'm in the house by myself when colin's at work to suddenly hear music blaring from the bedrooms (it scared the devil out of me the first time kojak did it- i went into the bedroom with Colin's shotgun thinking someone was in the house)
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DD's ponytail holders.

Socks; any sock. Especially "the" sock, filled with catnip.


Plastic grocery bags - dangerous! - so we try to keep them put away!

Any box; from a small tissue box that big ol fatboy tries to squeeze himself into to a box big enough for a fridge. It's "theirs".
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Wine Corks. Boo isn't that fussed in that he will chase them if I throw them about but that's pretty much it. Pixel on the other hand isn't a kitten really. I call him my ickle puppycat because he loves for me to throw them down the stairs and then he will run downstairs, bring it back up in his mouth, and then drop it in front of me to throw it for him again.
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