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Well I already have a son

Alexander Richard John (Alexander is his father's middle name; Richard is MY dad's name, and John is his other grandfathers name - dads side)

But if I ever get around to another child, I would probably pass on names from the female side of the family. If I use the same system, it would be:

Leanne Astrid Anna

But I think I'd like to use Danish names.... although my mum's name (Astrid) is a must
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Originally Posted by Samantha1979 View Post
My names would be Owen Lee if it were a boy, and Alexis Jayde or Lela Paige for the girls. I don't plan on having any children though, so maybe it is a little weird I have thought of names??
I love the name Owen, I think its just so cute
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Haha right now I'm sticking to finding names for a future kitty
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Originally Posted by Kaylacat View Post
I have been thinking about what I would name my future kids since I was little. Alot of names keep changing but I do have my favorites.

For girls....
Cheyanne or Shianne
I loved Arianna but my cousin named her baby that so its out for me.
Jasmine (Sometimes I end up giving the names I love to my pets. )
Star and Skylar (now I am thinking of using them as middle names so that I can call them that but they can choose to use more ''normal'' names if they want)
Jade or Jadyn

Boys names I am not really sure. Not good at those.

I like a lot of your names. I really like Cheyanne and Raven! My son's middle name is Zackary (just a diff spelling).
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