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Cat intro part II, what's not a toy

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I've made some progress with Mi-ke and Tora--Tora's now living in my bedroom rather than the closet. He's settling in.

He's not clear on what qualifies as a toy, though. I don't mean knickknacks, I mean...he tries to fish things out of the toilet. And tampons and wrappers...it's all fair game. It's kind of disturbing. I need to put some more effort into kitten-proofing, but for the time being, I'm weirded out. And I'm finding things I haven't seen in years, things he's found under the bed, under the junk in the closet...

At the moment, I've got one bandaid on one knee and three on the other. He keeps lovingly digging his claws into me. My brand-new pants are bloodstained.

I don't know whether to leave him and Mi-ke together for a while or not. He's come out into the living room, but I'm following him the whole time, and the second I think Mi-ke's too freaked out, I grab him and put him away. Should I let them do their thing more? I'm just terrified of a fight. Tora's easygoing, but he also has a tendency to run up to her, which scares her. Perhaps I should try putting him in a carrier so Mi-ke doesn't have to deal with his zaniness?
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It's nice that Tora is helping you with your spring cleaning. It's good to get things out of those small places every now and again.

Is it at all possible for you to clip Tora's nails when he is sleeping? He doesn't sound like he will let you when he is awake

Something I have seen work is using a big dog crate/cage for the new guy. If you have a friend or neighbor with one you can borrow? You can make a nice little home area for him and Mi-ke will be able to get close and smell and touch through the cage. Having them eat their meals face to face, Tora in the crate and Mi-ke outside helps alot.

I looked up your part one so I am adding a bit on here.

It is normal for Mi-ke to hiss and spit a bit. She needs to learn what this new guy is all about and she is leary and wants him to know she won't take any of his wild ways. She is telling him this is her place. It will take some time for them to figure out how they are going to share.
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aww your kitty is certainly having fun finding new 'toys' to play with our new cat plays with anything and everything, from sweet wrappers, cardboard egg cartons (thankfully no eggs in), bottle tops, shoe laces etc..etc.. its just part of the growing up process - they are just practising hunting

You just have to be careful about smaller things that they can swallow, like those plastic covered wire ties - those can be lethal if swallow. So you will just have to have a good clear-up

About his own lethal weapons - nails - have you got a scratching post or similar that he can use instead of you. You dont have to buy an expensive one or you could make your own - an old piece of carpet, old cardboard boxes are always something that a cat will trim their nails on too - you just have to get them interested - another play thing, tease kitty with some string at the corner of the box or carpet, he will jump after it, nails will stick in and hey-ho he should have a go at scratching - it might take a cuple of goes but he will get the idea soon

Miamouse has given some great tips about introduction, its a slow process, you just have to take your time

Keep us posted !
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Well, he's scratching me out of love, as opposed to a need to sharpen. He's kneading.

I've been experimenting with letting him out some more and letting them have it. Basically, he chases her all over. For the most part, she doesn't hiss, she just runs, and then they have a staredown, and he goes after her again. They managed to knock over one of my DVD towers in the process, though, and I guess he finally chased her a bit too much because she went into hiss/growl mode. He also used her litterbox. I caught him at it, but it was too late to stop him (well, without him letting loose all over, heh).
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