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~New Pictures and Update on The Meerkat Manor Crew~

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~Youssarian, Tosca and Lazuli are doing gggrreeat! They are eating, gaining weight, moving around, even fighting for top rank with mom already. Just wanted to give an update and share some pics taken today~

~Here is proud mom NoNo and the clan~

Here is Tosca my black Tabby girl "Orwhatever color you call it since I was told there is no such thing as a BLACK tabby~

~Here is little Lazuli...he (we think a he) is the smallest of the group but steadily getting big as his sis n brother~

~And last but definatly not the smallest....Youssarian....Moose Youssarian as one of the members here so called him~
~Here is a pic of him just a couple days it to the one right under it taken today~

~Whew so Ill stop taking up space with all my pics haha I just wanted to share pics about my babies. Some of you may know my Hedgehog Zuri is very ill. She woke up not using her back legs and slowly has stopped wanting to move all together. My vet doesnt think she is going to make it. So at least I have these babies to keep a smile on me and help not go NUTS thinking about poor little Zuri~
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aww i hope zuri pulls through.
and what lovely babys , i so wished i lived closer , i love the blue and white baby
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Those are just the pugiest kitties! and NoNo is beautiful, I didn't know she was a siamese/colorpoint mix.

I read your thread above about the long hairs and I think your Black Tabby, Tosca is going to be at least a medium haired kitty. I will try to find some baby and adult pictures, they will be old and I will have to scan them. But I had orphans that had three short hairs and one long haired. They were 2 days old when I got them.
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They're all adorable!! And mom is beautiful!
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~A Siamese Color Point?? lol She was a rescue I havent a CLUE what she is other than I was told she was a Siamese mix....and as for the kittens, I was told there is no such thing as a black tabby so I havent a clue what you call Tosca...then Youssarian is light orange with stripes on face and head...grey and white has some lines through her sides too.~
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Picture taken today of proud mommy lookin slim but good for just having babies.

NoNo is a very petite cat...solid white with shading all over her back...ears and tail are grey striped. What color would she be considered?
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Oh how cute! Just realised how BEAUTIFUL NoNo is! She is a princess! Love her eyes!

Glad the babies are doing well
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They are just so precious! I am not sure about mama, she is definitely unique looking. I would think she would have some sort of oriental in her with the blue eyes, but she doesn't really look pointed. I would post her picture and ask the breeders what color she is. They are great at figuring that stuff out. Make sure her blue eyes show.
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lol that orange kitten is a monster!!
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oh my how sweet !!! and that orange baby is gonna be a hunk

what little darlings they are
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What color would she be considered?
I believe she is a bluecream lynx point with white. She looks very similar to a bluecream colorpoint my neighbors had. That basically means she is a calico cat with diluted coloring (so blue and cream rather than black and red), and she has tabby stripes, and she has points, AND she has white spotting!

* She gave the black (her grey areas) to Lazuli and Tosca.
* She gave the red (her cream areas) to Youssarian.
* She gave the diluted coloring to Lazuli and Youssarian (which is why they are lighter in color, like her! Technically Tosca is carrying it, but she didn't get it from her daddy cat, too.)
* She gave all three babies her tabby stripping (the "lynx" part)
* She gave all three babies her white spots, including the V pattern on her head and her white feet.
* No one got colorpoints (It's a recessive gene, so unless daddy was also colorpoint or carrying, they weren't going to get it.)
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Aww, they are so precious!! The babies are growing so fast aren't they? I like to compare your little ones to mine since they are the same age. How much are they weighing? One of mine is so much smaller than the rest. When first born he was the same size as the rest but is now the smallest. I hope he gets bigger because he has me worried. I don't think he is more than 2 oz. I need to get a more reliable scale to weight them. The one I have is really cheap.

Anyway, I'm so sorry about Zuri. I hope he gets better, the poor thing. I'll be praying for him.
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what a beautiful, happy family you have! Are you going to be keeping any of them? Yes, your little Youssarian is a little moose!
Sorry to hear about Zuri, prayers and vibes go out to you for her recovery!
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~My ZURI is gone! I just got home from the vet and the store and by the time I got home there was a voicemail about her. She has passed on. My baby is GONE! When I seen her this morning she wasnt even the same Zuri. She couldnt move like she was frozen or something. He had asked me to put her down this morning but I couldnt make that BIG of a decision without consulting the family so I said wait until 3. I guess my baby couldnt wait because she left me before I had to make that aweful decision. My day cant get much worse....well it can but lets PRAY that it doesnt. Ive been crying for the last 30 minutes and I can imagine how my children will take it in a few hours. Please pray for me everybody~

~Thanks for such great info on the colors with NoNo and the babies. Only thing I know bout it they are sweethearts and I luv em!~

I havent weighed the babies yet but they are all steadily gaining. Lazuli is the smallest but he is catching up. Tosca is also getting up there but nobody will ever be as big as big ol Youssarian!
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~Im going through some heartbreak right now over Zuri so to help calm my mind I took some new pics of the rest of my beloved furbabies!~




Youssarian with mom pinned down...1...2...3...MOM I WIN!

Babysitter Abby caught not being such a good sitter...sleeping on the job.

Gangs all here except for our precious ZURI RIP babygirl!
This pic is very special because this is the ONLY time I have caught a picture with all my pets without trying to make them get in the same pic! Wish little Zuri could have been in it.
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I am so sorry about Zuri.

Those are such sweet photos!! I can't wait to take some more this weekend.
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I am sooo sorry about Zuri. Thank god you have these wonderful kittens to keep you company. I love how LaZuli and Tosca have the same coat except one is lighter. The picture of Youssarian on top of mommy was so cute I saved it to my computer.
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~Youssarian seems to be tackling mom in alot of pics. I think he is going to be a bully. He is constatly powerhousing his lil brother and sis. He's 6 days old, cant even see yet and already picking on people.~

Here he is even already trying to bodyslam ABBY the Porkie Yorkie....Abby isnt giving him any fight though.
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AWWWW.......Those babies are so cute! Congrats again The mom is beautiful too
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No No is GORGEOUS. Oh, and how exactly do I get to Indiana from here LOL?? I'm coming to get Lazuli JK they are precious...
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awe they are all just so precious and cute and lil Youssarian is HUGE compared to the others! And well they are all just such cuties and i love no no's eyes i wonder if anyone would get her eyes ! Simply GORGEOUS tho

Also R.I.P lil Suri Play happily over the RB!
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I love the names you have chosen for your kitty's. Me and my children love Meerkat manor and its family viewing every sunday for us.

You have very cute kittens too.......Congrats
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