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I have a sister, last time I saw or spoke to her was 3 years ago at our Fathers funeral. She is just about the most boring person I have ever met, she talks about housework
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I only have one sibling, a younger sister. We didn't get along so well when we were younger, but now that were a little older we get along pretty well.
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I think there are 6 total, though i only know 3 and only talk to one as of now and only kinda. I'm the oldest of my mom's and the youngest of my dad's. though we are not quite sure if my little bro and I have the same dad as my mom was always having a thing with my dad even though I'm not sure they were ever "really" together.
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I have a younger sister -- she's three years younger than me. We argued and fought a lot when we were kids, but we get along really, really well now; in fact, she's going to be my maid of honour at my wedding. She's in New Zealand now, having just completed teacher's college. I miss her.
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Originally Posted by Tavia'smom View Post
And so I wondered who else has siblings.
i have a younger sister who's 47 & 3 brothers. my oldest brother is 43 [i think], my youngest brother is 40, & my middle brother died 20 years ago at the age of 22. i'm 49, the oldest.
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Originally Posted by Tavia'smom View Post
Siblins? I have one sister. She's younger than me and a brat but I love her more than anyone. We went through alot together growing up. Something to be said for that kind of closeness. And so I wondered who else has siblins.
I have one sister by blood (20)! I had a step sister (she is no longer related because my mom and her father divorced) (26), I also had a step brother (he is no longer my step brother because my real father died... and he had been married to my step brothers mom) (30's), I also had an adopted brother (he was adopted by my real father and his first wife... my mom was my fathers second wife) (30's)! I haven't seen my former step siblings or my adopted brother in years... My family gets confusing!

My mom was married twice
My father was married three times before he died!
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I have one older brother, and one younger sister.
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I am second youngest of 8.
I have 3 half brothers, 1 step brother, 2 step sisters and my older sister who was adopted (she has passed away).
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in my family there is

1. Joy - sister (passed away)
2. Valarie - me
3. Jennifer - sister
4. Bear (nickname) -brother
5. Sebrina - sister
6. Vanessa - sister (passed away)
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I had an older sister, who died in 1993 at age 28.

I've always been jealous of people who are true friends with their sibs. I think it is so wonderful.
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Well, I am the oldest of the family

I am the only sibling that my mom and my dad had together

I have 2 brothers and we share mom's but diff. dads. They are Blake-15 and Brock-12

Then I have a sister. We share dads- but diff. mom's. Her name is Lockin and she's 6.

I am the oldest of all of them,and I'm Tiffany 21 yrs.

Both my mom and my dad have been married and divorced twice. Both are single
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I have an older sister (3 years older), a younger brother (who was 2 years younger and died in 1998) and a little sister 10 years younger than me.

My older sister and I didn't get along at all growing up....she thought she was better than everyone, she has since apologized.

My younger brother was my best friend, and I will always miss him!

My younger sister is a psycho. She sure gives my mom a lot of headache.
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I have one younger brother who I can't stand. He is 18 and thinks he knows everything.
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I have a half sister that I haven't met. She is 10 now.
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I have a few siblings Love them all to pieces!

Monica- (1/2 sister on my mom's side) she's 39
Kimmy- (1/2 sister on my mom's side) she's 30
Debbie- (1/2 sister on my dad's side) she's 29
Brandy- (my step sister, haven't seen her in years) she's about 24-25?
Jerry- (my step brother)- he's 21 Same age as me.
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I have two older brothers. The oldest is pretty much my best friend!
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I have an older sister, but I don't see her at all. She lives across the murky divide and her hubby is a gigantic festering turd (she agrees to this).

We were always extremely different, totally opposite; and still are. For our Big Fat Irish Wedding, my sister's kids helped out but she had no role; instead I chose my best friend for my MOH and my hubby's sister helped me into my dress.

My blood sister didn't mind cuz frankly I barely said 2 words to her that day. Ah well.
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One brother, older by 5 years and we are so unalike, I thinkwould one of us was adopted - except for the family resemblance!
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I lost my big big bro when I was 11 - he was 21 and was killed in a bike accident

My second bro is 8 years older than me and lives right at the other end of the country - we don't see each other often, but we talk on the phone often
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I have one sister and two brothers (all older than me). Well, since I got married I have another sister and 2 more brothers on my husbands side!! They aren't my real brother's and sister but I consider them like they are!!
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I have a sister, 17 and a brother, 10 (11 on Monday)
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I am the baby in my family I have one brother who is the oldest and two sister's. All my siblings are much older then I am 10-12 and 15 years. I was of coarse a bit of a surprise considering my mother had just turned 40 when she found out about me. Happily she was fond of telling me that I was one of the best surprises she ever received.
I was nicknamed the brat shortly after I was born and it has stuck with me forever.
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I am the middle child of 5 girls. Yes, that means I have 4 sisters..Always wanted a brother, but I guess my parents probably wanted me to have one too...
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I have 2 older sisters, and 1 older brother.
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I have 5 siblings

Older sister - 30
Younger sister - 22
1/2 sister - 11
1/2 brother - 9
1/2 sister - 4
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I have a younger brother - and he's getting married in just four weeks!!
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I am an only child. My husband is too. That's why I have cats.
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I have on older sister and brother. I`m the baby!
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