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I got those shots back when I was a phlebotomist in a blood bank. If you work with blood or sharps, its a good idea.
Exactly! I definitely think it's a good idea considering how many sharps we handle everyday!

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I need to get vacinated. I wish my work paid for it then it would be esier for me to go do it.
Do they require it? If so, they should pay for it or compensate you for it. Can you talk to them?

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When I got the Hep B shot it made me all goofy for a few hours. It felt like I was floating off into the sea.

You may want to have someone keep and eye on you when you have it done.

Oh, and if it does happen to you, get a Sponge Bob Square Pants bandage. It should make it more fun.
Heather you crack me up!!! I'll have to ask for a special band-aid when i get my bobo! It made you feel like you were floating? That's weird! I don't remember having that reaction before but after i get my shot, i'll definitely go straight home and chill out for a bit just to be safe