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Help With Giving Vaccine Please

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i am giving my kitten his first vaccine today it is the regular feline distemper 3 in 1 vac. the instructions with the vac say to do it between the shoulder blades but i called a vet and they said DO NOT put it between the shoulder blades but instead do it at the top of the right front leg. is this right??
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It is OK to put the vaccination in between the shoulder blades. Pull the excess skin away from the muscle and insert the needle into the resulting "pocket" or skin fold. Some vets do vacs on the skin on the thigh....its just a personal prefrence.... but DON'T inject the vax into a veign or muscle EVER (besides rabies). Right under the skin in the shoulders is safest/easiest.

Ask a vet, vet tech, or resce/shelter/humane volunteer if you can watch them giving a vax just so you can see what the proper way to vax is. Good luck.
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now im confused cause i called a 2nd vet and they said do not give it between the shoulders
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I believe the reason for NOT going between the shoulders is because with any vaccine there is a risk of a sarcoma (tumor) devoping at the injection site. Those are notoriously difficult to successfully remove. The reason for using the leg is so that in the case of a sarcoma, the leg can be amputated to save the cat.

However, I do believe that the sarcomas are related more to the rabies vaccine and the leukemia vaccine....I could be wrong about that part, though.

I believe the safe way is in the leg.

ETA: a link...http://www.avma.org/vafstf/
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My vet has switched to the new protocols as well. The reasons are just as Beandip says.

To give an injection in the leg is very similar to between the shoulder blades. Just not as convenient especially on a kitten. You make a "tent" of the skin between the "elbow" and "armpit". The injection is given SubQ and always make sure you have not hit a vein.

I really emphasis getting someone, to show you and supervise you while you do the first ones. After you do this once, you will have no problems. The first time should be with guidence.
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thank you everyone, someone with a little more experience gave the vaccine for me. but they didnt know about not giving it between the shoulder blades, now i have good info to pass onto them they did give it in the leg but only cause thats where i wanted it.
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