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Black stuff in nose

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My new ragdoll kitten gets black stuff in his nose.
What is it and how do I get it out? The vet said to only worry about it if it changes to green or yellow but it does not look very nice. He has had since we got him and before.

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When they breathe out a tiny bit of condensation forms in the nostril and when they breathe in dust and dirt collect there. Just brush it away when you see it so their little faces are clean. If it changes color then it could be a sinus infection and then you could worry.
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My Persians get that - it's the wame stuff that comes out of their eyes and forms dark brown/black crusty stuff.

Mine are used to having their eyes and noses wiped with a warm, damp piece of cotton wool (very gently).

This usually removes any such deposits.

Green/yellow means pus and signifies an infection. You'll need antibiotics to treat it.
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My 5 month old kitten (European Burmese) is the same way. He is light colored so it shows up like crazy. I have to clean his nose along with his sleep in his eyes every day. I was waiting until his next checkup in a couple weeks to have the vet take a look at him to see what is going on. My other cat doesn't have this so I was wondering if he had allergies or something. He's had it ever since I got him.
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Thank you all for the expert edvice I knew I could count on all of you.
I am a dog trainer and use clicker training. I have been using the clicker with Neko the kitten and he is doing very well. Nail trimming is a breeze and so cleaning the nose will be to.
Thank you again

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