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Here is a silly question about kittens.

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Well, I do not think it is that silly because it seems so many people have a different idea about this matter. I look at this forum quite a bit because I have a kitten. Next Monday, Persi becomes one year old. Does he quit becoming a kitten at that age? I have seen 15 months and I have also seen 18 months. Right now I am in the process of changing Persi over from kitten food to adult cat food. He likes the adult food better and since Alley is about 3 years old, and they eat together, this works out well. So, here is my silly question:

At what age does my kitten officially become a cat? After Monday, do I refer to Persi as a kitten or a cat?

Whatever the answer is, I will still be perusing this forum!
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I really don't think that there is a solid answer to this question. I know personally I consider after a year they are no longer a kitten.
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I've always thought they are cats at 1 year.
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i really think it depends on the cat.
some cats are still very kittenish at 12 months of age others seem mutured.
i only feed kitten food up untill there a yr old aswell , like you they always seem to perfer adult cat food.
my 11 month olds the female i would say very much like an adult rather then a kitten , but my male is still very kittenish in his behavier and his face still looks kitteny to me aswell.
so i voted other and there is my explenation.
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I always thought of my kittens as cats after the age of 12 months.
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Molly and Polly are turning 1 year old this month and they almost seem like adults. . .they will be to me once they het 12 months.
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I've been wondering the same thing. As far as maturity goes my ragdoll Tucker won't be fully mature (full color and size) until he's between three and four years old so does that mean that he's still a kitten until mature?
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PS Kitten is 1year and 2months old and despite being a mum is still a real kitten-kitten play,kitten cuddles and kitten at heart so as a result we think of her as a kitten cat.Its up to the creature itself i guess
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~In my opinion this question can be compared t that of HUMAN children. Legally a child is an ADULT at 18 years old. Can make most decisions. Some people will argue that 21 they are an adult. I have seen 20+ yr old KIDS and Ive met some very mature adult like teenagers. My brother for instant. He just turned 18 but has been very mature since probably about 13 years old. Keeping a steady job, same girlfriend all these years, etc. He is leaving for the Marines in May. I also have a 23 yr old sister who acts like a child. Throws TANTRUMS, is a mother herself but tends to be more childlike than my brother. I am 27...I have my days haha I am a mother but I have my playful child like side my answer....depends on the cat.~

~Now at what age to cats PHYSICALLY mature? Stop growing etc? In the DOG world I always consider a dog a puppy, then young adult, then adult but most breeds dont mature out until 2-4 years old.~
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As far as I am concerned, it depends on the genes (or breed.)

Some cats continue to grow and mature past the age of 12 months, and IMO, they are kittens until they stop growing.
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I also think it depends on the cat. Some breeds are not full grown until 2 years (like Maine Coon), but most moggies are full grown at 1 year. I think they have a lot of kitten in them for several years though.
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I consider them cats after 12 months, but I switch them to adult food whenever the vet feels it's the right time for them. For example, Tabitha is 8 months old and is on adult food, because she's a big girl and was growing waaaaaay too fast, the vet thought it would be better for her health to not have the kitten food.
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Well, according to the poll, as of tomorrow I need to start referring to Persi as a cat! I have not told him yet that his kitten days are over.
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I think that there isn't really a set age. I know that the cat food bag says 12 months. But it depends on the cat. Some cats are really mature and adult like that before a year and some after. They are definitly a cat when they are 2 though.
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So is he a cat today?
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Well for show purposes 8 months is considered an adult.

Personally I say 12 months. Tho they are probably (with a few exceptions like Maine Coons/Ragdolls) mature in size/weight at 18 months.

However, if you were asking regarding kitten vs adult foods - my cats are on adult foods by 5-6 months old because of their body build If I fed kitten food till one year old, I'd have some very fat kitties
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Originally Posted by chromodactyl View Post
So is he a cat today?
Yes, Persi the Cat is one year old today. I will be going to the fish market later today to pick up something special for his dinner.
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Don't forget the card "Congrats on becoming a cat today"
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Originally Posted by Persi & Alley View Post
Yes, Persi the Cat is one year old today. I will be going to the fish market later today to pick up something special for his dinner.
Happy birthday Persi!!!!
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aww happy birthday persi.
all my cats have been a small build so i have never had a reason to stop giving kitten food. all the ones who i have taking in once there older who have been HUGE i make sure they get fed in a different room , they always seem to perfer the kitten food , and the kittens always seem to want the adult food??? lol.
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