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Do you listen

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To music when cleaning your house or car? I do and I normally turn it up pretty loud. And it seems to get it done faster. And I listen while folding laundry and putting it away. And I prefer to clean when I am at home alone. Mostly cause dad does not like my tastes in music and when I am trying to clean he is trying to tell me how to do everything right down to how to sweep like I don't know how to do those things.
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I'm always listening to music I'm listening to it now. It's one of the few indulgences I have, listening to and buying music.

Growing up my parents listened to music a lot, my uncle did, and we always listened to music in the car. It's part of my childhood memories (the good ones anyways).
Later growing up in a.. creepy house I'd always hear stuff, someone calling my name when I was alone, banging, foot steps, tapping. I'd drown the sounds out with music, it must not have liked metal so now it's habit whenever I'm alone to have music on.
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yes i love to listen to music when doing the house work ect.. and i think i do tend to turn it up a little loud.
but the thing i hate is looking for the cd , normally the kids nick them and take them in there room to listen to lol , we have sort of the same tastes in music , even if the oldest is only 9
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Yes I have to be alone with I clean so I can blast my music. I prefer Alanis Morrisette
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Same here!! music while cleaning is a must have and I prefer to clean while bf is not home either just so he doesnt get in the way!!!
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Not when I'm cleaning, usually just because I'm using the vacuum or have the TV on. But when I'm in my car, its always on... loud
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I listen to music when I'm in my car or cleaning the house and even the car. I always blast it as loud as I can get it and I like cleaning better when my parents aren't home so they don't complain. lol
I have listened to music most of my life. I had my first radio at 5 and used to have to listen to music to be able to fall asleep. Now I can fall asleep and stay pretty much a sleep which is an accomplishment.
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Music is my Life, so yes I love to listen to my music while cleaning, driving, cooking, working out ect.........
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Yep yep yep!! I love listening to music while I clean, get ready or even sit on computer.
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I love my MP3 player. I listen to music all the time on it. I like to listen to it while shopping, because it seems to keep annoying sales people away. I listen to it while cleaning, on my breaks at work if I don't have someone I like to hang out with and talk to.
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Yep! I love listening to music while I'm cleaning, mostly when I'm home alone, though, so then I get to blast it with no worries.
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I love and live for music! I listen to it whenever i get the chance! I even listen to my IPOD at work! My music taste is very very broad! Music is the best expression there is!
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I love listening to music while I'm doing things. It puts me in a good mood, which makes things go by alot faster. It's just more fun.
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I put my iTunes on the computer, crank it up and listen to that while I'm cleaning (although I feel silly when I'm using the vacuum, because of course I can't actually hear anything). Sometimes I worry that the downstairs tenants will be bothered by my music, but so far I haven't had any complaints, and I only crank it up during the day.
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I NEED music to force me to do frustrating things (like clean the 2-day-old broiler pan with chicken grease varnished onto it, or make chili with frozen blocks of ground beef because I forgot to take it out of the freezer in time).
I've got a CD (stupid cheap radio started eating tapes, so it's all CD's from now on) specifically for that purpose, in fact. It's got louder music than I normally listen to, but it gets the job done by keeping me moving. When you're listening to Renegade, Have A Nice Day, Harder To Breathe or Addicted To Love, you just WANT to scrub something.
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Originally Posted by Rhiannon View Post
When you're listening to Renegade, Have A Nice Day, Harder To Breathe or Addicted To Love, you just WANT to scrub something.
Sheesh! I'd better get hold of those records!

Remember the kitchen scene in The Big Chill, when they were all dancing to Motown while helping clean up the dinner dishes? Now that's my idea of cleaning house!
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